Monday, 10 June 2013

OOTD X2 - Festival Edition (OOTW)

Heyyy guys! 

 So as those of you who read my blog regularly will probably know (I hope there are at least one or two of you aha) I recently went to a lovely festival just outside of Lewes with my friend Poppy. You can check out my pictures from the weekend here and my planned outfits here. (I decided to change what I was going to wear last minute!) Luckily the weather was beautiful - these photos are a little shaky and rushed so sorry - I was too desperate to go and explore aha;)

TOP: New Look
SHORTS: To Be Worn Again
BAG: Second hand, so no idea
BELT: ^^ again, second hand
SUNNIES: Charity Shop
FLOWER GARLAND: Festival last yearrrr

TOP: Camden Market
NAIL VARNISH: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon
the rest is as above

I had a great weekend, and I hope you did too! I promise this is the last festival post, and thank you to Pops for taking the pictures:-) 

What have you got up to recently?

Matilda xox

PS- sorry if my post are even more irregular and rare at the moment, and also sorry to my Pen Pals, I haven't been rejecting you, I've just had a lot of work at the moment for exams and my Duke of Edinburgh which I did yesterday -  so thank you for keeping patient and for keeping going with the follows and comments. 

PPS- I've reached nearly 5,000 pageviews and have passed 120 follows which in UNBELIEVABLE, so thank you thank you thank you, it means the world! 


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Elderflower Fields 2013

Hey lovelieeees! 

Two weekends ago I went to a lovely little festival just out of Lewes with my friend Poppy and her mum, and had such a good time! It was lovely to see Poppy and to have a break from school! Beautiful local food, camping, friends and amazing music pretty much makes my perfect weekend, so I was a happy egg:-) It was set in a woods, so the scenery was also beautiful:-) 

Here are a few (tons!) of pictures I took there - outfit post coming soon! 
  The Tones - so talented yet ridiculously young!
 Ham and cheese galette, HEAVEN. 

 They set up some hammocks in the woods which was so relaxing! 
 Ghouls! I may or may not have gone and fell into a hole when talking to the lead singer.... *hides face in shame*

 Such a beautiful setting:3


 'Honey technicolour' popcorn, crazy! 

 Lloyd Yates, he's so cool!


 Poppy's glitter tattoo and my facepaint... never too old, eh?!

  Siblings, an amazing band, beautiful music and so so lovely:3 Download their EP here, I recommend!

  Some of the free samples we got in a welcome pack, I love free stuff ahaa

THE most gorgeous pizza, ever. 

 List of the free food we got on a picnic there, it was all gorgeous! 

Hope you enjoyed, and keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post! 

Mattie xoxox