Saturday, 20 July 2013


 For someone with so many ideas and plans I'm utterly shit at actually carrying them out. I have so many blog posts planned about things I'm passionate about, but I never seem to get past writing the first paragraph or so because I have so much happening in my head and so much to say but the words just aren't there.... it's stupid. That's why this post is going to be a short one because I've had a friend staying and need to write but cant think properly so yeah. I apologize for my last of order and topic in this post but I just need to get my thoughts out I guess so bear with me!

  I love being busy and to a certain extent it makes me very happy because I don't have time to think to much about things but at the same time it means I don't have time to write or play/sing which drives me nuts - this sounds so cringey and cliche but if I don't have my release through music or writing I get so frustrated and down about everything - I can honestly see a clear difference in my moods between those weeks where I do have alone creativey time I guess you could call it and those I don't, it's crazy. Everything sort of builds up, and I guess this sort of stuff is very theraputic. I haven;t had my down time this week so I've been pretty agitated and it means I've argued so much with my mum it's terrible.

 These past few weeks in English we've been studying poetry at school and even I'm not enjoying it and I can really love poetry. It's stupid because they want us to be inspired and to like poetry but even I'm not swayed by all this war stuff we read - I appreciate it's historic, important and brilliant actual writing but for middle class, English 15 year olds it's really not relatable so no-one really takes much notice of it. I feel like my teachers are almost failing poetry because it can be really beautiful but they need to get us interested by showing us more relevant stuff, I guess. I hate poetry being seen as boring by my age group because good poetry is anything but.

 I was on Tumblr earlier and saw this post (not mine, sorry I lost the link so tell me if you know who to credit it to!) and it struck a chord (is this the right saying?) with me; I think it's really sweet. It made me think, so I thought I'd share.

good ol' winnie

I really need to get some sleep now because I've had too little of it at the moment, so niiiiiight! It's so nearly the holidays, I CAN'T WAIT NOT TO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SCHOOL OR SLEEP I'M SO EXCITED

so see ya, sweet dreams:)

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