Saturday, 13 July 2013

it's sunny and I'm happy

So I've actually had a really good couple of days. I'm a bit of an obsessive list maker so y'know I thought I'd make a list as to why it's been actually pretty nice:

  • last Friday (not yesterday) I had a college taster day which meant new subjects like Politics which I loved, seeing lots of people from my old school that I hadn't seen in five years and then a sunny afternoon wandering around the Lanes with my friends Isy, Lydia and Jake looking in fancy dress and vintage shops as well as a few record stores, and then a sunny evening trip to the beach and (very long) walk home with Isy and Lydia. The sun was still up, it was lovely and warm and the beach was pretty quiet for Brighton. We had lots of deep chats (my favourite kind), ate chips and also had pebble fights which was nice. As it's getting near the end of term we're all getting a bit sick of each other and our routines, so it was nice to take some time out and not have to worry about anything for a while, and really just appreciate each other's company. 
  • I managed to eat LITERALLY TONS of (non-literal) shit - I really need to go on like a detox or whatever to cleanse my body but life's too short, right? I went to a fayre on Saturday and what's a fayre without candy floss? NOTHING, that's what. So far I've managed not to become morbidly obese, so it's going okay at the moment. 
  • I was out of the house with friends practically all weekend so I had no arguments with anyone and I also managed not to do my whole spiralling into depressing thoughts that's been happening a lot lately which is always promising. I have also been missing a lot of school recently (illness/school trips/taster day/Tedx) so I've been missing all the homework being set, so that's nice. I've done next to nothing recently, and I'm LOVING IT.
  • It was my mum's birthday yesterday so it was nice to spend some family time, although she's just flown to Dublin to see my aunt this week so I won't see much of her for a little while. We had a really sweet picnic in the garden and it was all very summery. 
  • One of my best friends Ruby who lives in Bristol is staying while she does her work experience in a Brighton vets which will be nice, although it does mean that she'll see me in my shitty school production of Romeo and Juliet (I'm Juliet and HATING it. I didn't audition I just got picked and it's a week away and no where near finished, so that's great) but anyway it's been a while since we've properly spent time together, and she's been very much missed by my cats (she spoils them)
  • I visited Oxford uni (Balliol college to be precise) and it was beautiful, enjoy part of the ceiling. We also visited the Bodleian library and parts of it were used for filming Harry Potter; me and my friend and fellow Potterhead Charlotte died! 

and finally...

  • IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!
    For once it's actually been sunny in England so I've been spending lots of time in the garden reading, listening to music and eating (the ice-cream van has been visiting our village rather a lot) and I'd forgotten how much the sun could brighten (sorry for the cringey pun but I couldn't NOT) up my mood, I think the drabness of winter/cold spring had been making me pretty grumpy. 

Today I have a friend coming over and we're planning on going on a walk and then picnicking, it should be nice. I'll try and get some pictures! 


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