Sunday, 28 July 2013

nowhere boy


 In 2009 when Nowhere Boy was released I read about it but never got round to seeing it. I'd pretty much forgotten about it until last weekend when my friend Lauren brought it over one night. So yeah.... I'm in love.
  Decades wise, the 50s/60s have always been my favourite. I love the clothes and music and generally look of things and just urgh take me there please! So yeah, aesthetics wise, this film is perfect and god I haven't even started on the story line yet (if we can call it that, I mean it's real so um idk).
  Although I've listened to and enjoyed the Beatles before, I've never really got them. Like, yeah they're good, but really?  I have always thought they were a bit... over appreciated, let's just say. (This is something I've never admitted before; I mean I don't know about other countries but in England they're musical gods)
 So basically...


This film broke my heart (I sobbed for a long while after it had finished, not even chocolate ice cream could soothe me, this was a pretty big deal) and inspired me so so so so so much. It made me want to sing and dance and listen and play every Beatles song there ever was for eternity so I've decided that's what I'm going to do this summer so yup.

  I know this is a shit review/post but basically this film MESSED WITH MY EMOTIONS (so much so I can't write them down properly) so please just go and see this film if you haven't, and if this hasn't swayed you yet, I'll let Aaron's pretty face do the rest, I mean.....

God. Can we just not?


  1. I will have to watch this film!

  2. I seriously need to watch this film, I'm obsessed with the 50's/60's, have you seen the film 'We'll take Manhattan?' It's amazing, if your into fashion in the sixties, watch it! It's a BBC film and has Karen Gillan playing the model, Jean Shrimpton.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I followed yours on bloglovin!
    I live near Brighton! I wont say where cause its the internet but,it's cool to know, of bloggers nearby!
    Lexie xx

    1. It's amazing! I haven't but I definitely will, thank you for the recommendation! Karen Gillan is so beautiful, I want to be her aha:') You're welcome, and thank you! Ah cool, I'm not actually in Brighton any more but near it, and yes! Thank you for the follow and comment xxx

  3. He is so HOT seriously you really can't beat that. Lovely blog #followed ;P

  4. A few years back I watched Across the Universe and it made me fall in love with The Beatles. Yeah, I had listened to their popular songs before that but after the movie it just hit me. I was totally hooked and I still listen to them :) I got around to watching Nowhere Boy last year but my computer kept freezing so I could never finish it. I must watch it soon! :)

    1. I'll have to check it out! You definitely should, and yeah after the film I've started to properly appreciate them! xx

  5. Ok ever since Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Kickass I have had an obsession with Aaron Johnson, so I NEED to see this as soon as possible.
    Thanks for the rec,


    1. I still haven't seen Kick Ass, and the second one is already nearly here! He's beauuutiful, and you should! You're welcome:) xx


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