Monday, 16 September 2013

birthday shenanigans


On Sunday it was my lovely dad's birthday, so we had a nice family day - we gave him his presents, ate lots of cake, had a birthday tea, went to the cinema to see 'About Time' which was a lot better than I expected (it was my dad's suggestion to see this - he's possible the only 40-something year old man I know that'd choose a rom-com over an action movie) and then went out for dinner and this, ladies and gents, is the uninteresting outfit I wore.

* ignore my yucky awkward angle selfie at the end, I just wanted you guys to see me earrings! *

cropped stripy top - new look
vintage levi cut offs - to be worn again
bat wing cardi - hand me down from my mum that she brought aaages ago, no idea where from
hoops - silverado 
stud earring - some random shop I can't remember soooorry
silver rings - h&m

Before we went to the restaurant we had a quick walk along a very stormy Brighton seafront.


dad and luce

and before I go, can we just appreciate my genius arrangement of pink panthers? you're welcome.