Monday, 21 October 2013

counting stars

Two weeks ago I was on work experience  at my local court house (which was amazing btw) but on my way in the rain on one day my camera got soaked without me realising which is extremely annoying as I'm sure you guys can imagine, which has meant I've had nothing to take pictures with other than my crappy phone camera for a whole like TWO WEEKS. 
 this usually would be okay but it's a bit gutting - in those two weeks I've seen Nina Nesbitt live which was great and really deserved some pictures, and I also went up to Bristol to visit one of my best friends up there. She and our friend Chloe were having a party which I went up for and I would've loved to take some pictures but my camera has no flash so you'll have to settle for a description - there was a big gazebo/marquee type thing which they covered in fairy lights, a big bell tent full of cushions and lights and then a camp fire with hay bales to sit on, candles and upturned cotton reels as tables. It was in a little communal wood/field where she lives, it literally felt like a tumblr/rookie scene! It was utterly perfect and everyone (I'd only met four people before including ruby and chloe) was really lovely:3 I did get some pictures from the next day though which shows some of the surroundings so here ya go.. 
with chloe on the train to bath
with Ruby clearing up the next day
I've also had a lot of revision to do recently - I had to make myself a little makeshift desk which actually turned out really pretty... Needless to say it has NOT stayed this tidy. 
I've worked out how to use my dad's scanner recently, so have been busy making myself a new banner/header and buttons/labels for the side of my blog. I loved making them; I'm useless with web design so this was a nice alternative (and an excuse to go sticker crazy). I've also been scanning in all sorts to post on tumblr/back up for safe keeping, like my 1/3 of the Howler set list Brent Mayes gave me ALMOST a whole year ago. I also found a bunch of collages/mood boards I made over a year ago that I though you might want a look at. 

the front of my scrap book

There was also a lovely moment on the train back, when, right at the start of my four hour journey, two girls (about uni age) sat opposite me and invited me to play cards with them! We taught each other different games, and then after one got off after an hour the other and I just talked about religion and life for another 45 minutes. It was only a simple thing to do but it was so lovely, and my day and mood were both infinitely better afterwards! 

I've actually got a haul and outfit post for y'all but due to the tragic death of my camera I have to retake a few of the pictures, but it will be with you soon! I also plan to do lots of posting during half term if I manage to motivate myself enough!

I'm seeing Jake Bugg tomorrow and I'm so excited oh my god! We're going straight down after school to start queueing, I can't wait! I should have a few pics after that as well so ja, see you guys soon! xxxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


 Last week I sat down and had a proper listen to Haim and I wish I'd done it sooner... I have three new girl crushes guys... Meet the Haim sisters: Este, Alana and Danielle. 
 These guys (which I'm sure you're already aware of) are an American rock band from LA, who attracted a whole lot of attention after their EP 'Forever' was released in early 2012. I'm starting to sound like their Wikipedia entry now but basically they have an album which is pretty brilliant, and I'm literally OBSESSED. As if their music wasn't enough already, they're also pretty hilarious, have a brilliant taste in sweets  and if you haven't noticed from the pictures below, are all FREAKING 
  Their music is sort of a rocky/poppy/slightly-folky/r'nbish/beachy type mix and pretty beautiful. 
  I'm gutted that I missed them on the cover of NME cos that would've been heaven for my bedroom walls which I feel are a little in need of some Haim-ness on them, but hopefully I will manage to scrape together £20 to go and see them at the Brighton Dome in March next year which will definitely make up for it! 

So yeah, check them out, they are pretty awesome and PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE ME ALANA

LISTEN TO: The Wire // Don't Save Me // Days Are Gone // Forever // Honey and I 

all photos nicked from tumblr as always btw 

au revoir 

mattie xxxxxxxx