Tuesday, 15 October 2013


 Last week I sat down and had a proper listen to Haim and I wish I'd done it sooner... I have three new girl crushes guys... Meet the Haim sisters: Este, Alana and Danielle. 
 These guys (which I'm sure you're already aware of) are an American rock band from LA, who attracted a whole lot of attention after their EP 'Forever' was released in early 2012. I'm starting to sound like their Wikipedia entry now but basically they have an album which is pretty brilliant, and I'm literally OBSESSED. As if their music wasn't enough already, they're also pretty hilarious, have a brilliant taste in sweets  and if you haven't noticed from the pictures below, are all FREAKING 
  Their music is sort of a rocky/poppy/slightly-folky/r'nbish/beachy type mix and pretty beautiful. 
  I'm gutted that I missed them on the cover of NME cos that would've been heaven for my bedroom walls which I feel are a little in need of some Haim-ness on them, but hopefully I will manage to scrape together £20 to go and see them at the Brighton Dome in March next year which will definitely make up for it! 

So yeah, check them out, they are pretty awesome and PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE ME ALANA

LISTEN TO: The Wire // Don't Save Me // Days Are Gone // Forever // Honey and I 

all photos nicked from tumblr as always btw 

au revoir 

mattie xxxxxxxx


  1. I listened to a cover they did of Fleetwood Mac and their song The Wire, and fell in love. This was strange, as when I saw them at Reading (not live, on the tv) I wasn't a huge fan! xx

    1. I hate it when that happens, I've had it so many times with bands! I haven't seen them perform yet so it'll be interested to see if it's the same for me! Thanks for the comment:) xxx

  2. favourite band ever! coolest girls in music.
    that version of go slow is one of my favourites xo

  3. ive heard so much about them lately! i will have to check them out!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

    1. you should do, they're brilliant! I recommend! xxx

  4. Oh my, these have to be the coolest sister trio ever. I wish me and my two older sisters were this awesome. Aaah just look at them on their bikes...Also i love your blog name- Alt-J right?!
    -Kate from bleached mort

    1. I knooow, they're awesome! I have two younger sisters, might have to start a family band aha;) They're (haim) so beautiful! Yes, thank you! Another great band:-) xxx

  5. great post! they r so cute. would you like to follow eachother?

  6. i love them so much, their style is amazing as well <3 the fact that they are sisters makes them even more special i think
    The Frill Seeker


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