Saturday, 30 November 2013

meeting danisnotonfire @ google

It just occurred to me that I hadn't told you guys about my trip up to google last week, so I thought I'd write a bit of a post! 

Basically through my mum's work, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go with my friends Ava and Charlie to go and interview Dan, an extremely popular British youtuber. We were part of a conference at the GoogleHQ aimed at cultural organisations and companies and to do with the internet and things. Our session (we were doing the interview as part of a live panel) was about what these organisations can learn from youtube and someone like Dan, as well as young people. We had a Q&A at the end I got a microphone clipped onto my top which was pretty awesome.

To show the audience who Dan is, we watched a video of his with him, which was a bit of an odd experience! It was also nice to see a youtuber being taken so seriously by such influential, amazing people. 

Afterwards we went to have pictures with him, and he ended up sitting and chatting with us about literally everything you could think of (including grandmas, tumblr themes and his radio show) for literally about an hour, which was amazing as he had multiple opportunities to leave, but he didn't!  
He was basically just really lovely (and very very tall) and I'm eternally grateful I got to do this - thank you Culture24! 

he asked how to spell my name (which starts with an 'm') and proceeded to write an 'e'... this is his reaction haha

I was on my tiptoes in this and he was bending down... oh dear

The google building was insane by the way - so amazing and random, but I'd love to work there! In the canteen FREE AMAZING FOOD as well - obviously the most important part of the day. 

We also went to Byron to eat afterwards (not with Dan haha) and it was so delicious - I didn't manage to take any pictures, but I will visit again soon! So good omg I can't even

also by the end of this he knew my name

i repeat - he knew

Saturday, 23 November 2013

some disposables for your enjoyment

In June this year, me and my friends Charlotte, Isy, Lydia, Rosie, Elisabeth and Megan went to the New Forest for our Duke of Edinburgh expedition. If you're not from the UK it's basically a scheme to get teenagers involved in the community and doing wholesome activities - you spend 6 months doing either voluntary work, practising a skill (mine was singing in a choir, for example) or taking part in sport and then three months doing the remaining options. You then train for and plan an expedition and go on it, with only maps and compasses for help. We did ours in the New Forest, and being the lazy peep I am, I've only just managed to get my pictures developed! 
They turned out pretty nicely,  so I thought I'd share them with you (but please excuse my fingers in so many of these, I don't know what happened!) 

From top left - Charlotte, me, Megan, Isy, Lydia, Rosie and Elisabeth. 
lydia being a whale 
charlotte the mole

This was such an amazing weekend with amazing people and I miss it, with the exception of the exhaustion, sweatiness and squabbles over map readings haha:) 

Mattie xxx

**all disposables**

Monday, 11 November 2013

jake bugg @ the brighton centre: what I wore

So on the 22nd of October I went and saw one of my all time favourite musicians, Jake Bugg, live at the Brighton Centre. I'll be doing a separate review post but here's what I wore! My shoes and socks didn't come up very well on camera in this light (it was taken at night) so I've added a picture of the same combination from another outfit post that you will have already seen by the time this is up.
The only working camera I have at the moment is my mum's, and she refused to unplug her phone whilst taking the pictures, hence the awful background!

shirt: thrifted/to be worn again
shorts: to be worn again/ thrifted 
boots: h&m 
socks: topshop 
bag: primark
skull top: a tiny nameless shop in my town, but you can get it at camden market
calvinball badge: ebay 
cat brooch: gift shop in brighton 
sticker: tiger 
evil eye earring (worn as brooch): kukee
all other earrings: claire's accessories (!)

Annoyingly in all the Jake Bugg excitement my cat brooch which I ADORED came off at some point in the gig and I can't find it:'( 

 I've recently been loving plaid shirts worn on top of t-shirts and shorts- they're so easy and good for layering! They have some great second hand /vintage ones in the lanes (in Brighton) if you're ever down this was, I recommend keeping an eye out! 

What have you guys been liking (clothes-wise, for Autumn) recently? Leave a comment, I'd love to know!

Matilda xxx

Monday, 4 November 2013

pushing up daisies

                                                           Dress (under top) - H&M 
                                                                    Top - H&M
                                                                   Hoody - H&M
                                                             Leather Jacket - thrifted
                                                                     Ring - H&M
                                                                    Boots - H&M
                                                           Feather Earring - Claire's (!)
                                                         Socks (gold metallic) - Topshop 

           (woops I'm basically a walking H&M advertisement, wearing ALL their clothes ahahah)

 A few days ago I took a break from my homework (tumblring - I am the procrastination queen) and went on a little trip to a local national trust place near my village for lunch. It was really nice and we tried out my sister's new instax mini, which I've fallen in love with. 
 I hope the UK lot of you all survived St. Jude, by the way - it seemed not too bad from my house but I found out a 14 year old boy drowned at one of my local beaches. This really shook me up as we'd been at the neighbouring beach a few hours previously for a walk and saw the rough conditions first hand, so it was scary to know what he would have gone through and the conditions his last few minutes were. 
 On a slightly cheerier note, I hope you all had a good halloween! I went to a party on Tuesday, and took a gazillion photos beforehand with Isy and Cait. Is was a jester and Caitlin a goth type thing - she has naturally extremely light blonde, insanely curly hair which she straitened and spray dyed black, which was weird to see! I just went for a zombie/vampire look - basically, I left it last minute, and could only find a cloak... 

The party was great, but I ended up telling someone about my blog - I'm praying they were too drunk to remember! We also went to another party, where you had to dress up with something that starts with the first letter of your name, so I went for a (door) mat. (MATilda!) My friend has an amazing camera and she took lots of photos, so when she sends them to me I'll post them! 

Today was the first day back to school after half term, and went surprisingly quickly, which is good  - I can't wait for the XFM Winter Wonderland and everything Christmassy! For those of you who read my last post - I finally managed to get some downstairs tickets for the festival, which is AMAZING because Freddie Cowan is god and now he'll be up close. My friend wants us to take the day off - I can't but hopefully we'll still be somewhere near the front!

I hope you've all had a good few days, have you done anything fun for halloween? 

Matilda xxx

*title is a song by Jay Jay Pistolet - Justin from the Vaccines' old solo stage name. you should check it out, it is beaut!*

Friday, 1 November 2013

run your fingers through my soul

A little while ago me and Isy went to Brighton to hunt me down some autumn clothes. It was a fairly successful trip, and I believe this is the first time I've bought any clothes for myself since JUNE so I was pretty proud, actually. I'll do a little haul for that but I'll show you two things I got - these metallic Topshop socks and this Urban Outfitters jumper. I have a little more to say about them both but I'll save it for the haul!
  I'm going off the look of my skater skirt having things tucked into it but I love it worn as a usual skirt which I haven't done out of school uniform since I was about eight!
 Apologies for the *'scuse me french* shitty phone camera quality...

 boots - h&m socks - topshop skirt - topshop jumper  - urban outfitters 
 One of my little sisters Lucy has just decided to get herself an Instax Mini, which I was also planning on getting, and has kindly agreed to lend it to me if I pay for any film I use. I was pretty happy with this as it saves me another £60 I don't have! The lovely Lexi from Lexi Likes recommended I buy a Diana Mini, which I really like the look of - I've wanted a film camera for S O  L O N G so I think I might have to start saving! (After I get myself a new digital camera, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BROKEN THIS IS A BLOGGER'S WORST NIGHTMARE)

 My plans for half term being FULL of productivity have, as always, not become reality, and I'm starting to regret leaving 100% of my long list of homework to do for the last two days...

 On a cheerier note my mum and dad have started looking into Shepard's Huts for me - I may be moving into one of these in the garden, which would be amazing! I've also booked myself a ticket to the XFM Winter Wonderland, which is being headlined by one of my favourite ever bands, the Vaccines! I'm so excited - it'll be all christmassy, although I accidentally bought the wrong type - I got circle tickets not floor stalls (which are now sold out) and I'm scared of heights and will be alone - the friend I'm meant to be going with has floor tickets so we'll both be alone! If anyone has/knows of a spare floor ticket I could buy please let me know, and I'll <3 you forever!

 Hope you've all been having a good half term if you're from England, and if not then just a good week!

Matilda xxxx

*Title from my favourite Reef song, 'Place Your Hands'. I think this line is so beautiful!*