Saturday, 30 November 2013

meeting danisnotonfire @ google

It just occurred to me that I hadn't told you guys about my trip up to google last week, so I thought I'd write a bit of a post! 

Basically through my mum's work, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go with my friends Ava and Charlie to go and interview Dan, an extremely popular British youtuber. We were part of a conference at the GoogleHQ aimed at cultural organisations and companies and to do with the internet and things. Our session (we were doing the interview as part of a live panel) was about what these organisations can learn from youtube and someone like Dan, as well as young people. We had a Q&A at the end I got a microphone clipped onto my top which was pretty awesome.

To show the audience who Dan is, we watched a video of his with him, which was a bit of an odd experience! It was also nice to see a youtuber being taken so seriously by such influential, amazing people. 

Afterwards we went to have pictures with him, and he ended up sitting and chatting with us about literally everything you could think of (including grandmas, tumblr themes and his radio show) for literally about an hour, which was amazing as he had multiple opportunities to leave, but he didn't!  
He was basically just really lovely (and very very tall) and I'm eternally grateful I got to do this - thank you Culture24! 

he asked how to spell my name (which starts with an 'm') and proceeded to write an 'e'... this is his reaction haha

I was on my tiptoes in this and he was bending down... oh dear

The google building was insane by the way - so amazing and random, but I'd love to work there! In the canteen FREE AMAZING FOOD as well - obviously the most important part of the day. 

We also went to Byron to eat afterwards (not with Dan haha) and it was so delicious - I didn't manage to take any pictures, but I will visit again soon! So good omg I can't even

also by the end of this he knew my name

i repeat - he knew


  1. Thank you for sharing your story on my blog, I means the world to me. Nothing is every easy.


    1. no thank you for having such a beautifully written blog, and for letting me feel comfortable sharing! xx

  2. awww looks like you had such an awesome day! xx thank you for your comment on my blog too :)

    1. It was great, and you're welcome! It was a beautiful piece of writing:) xx

  3. Oh wow I am so jealous danisnotonfire is awesome! Nice blog by the way :)

    1. awh aha, and yeah he so is! thank you! xxx

  4. Your so lucky! That sounds awesome! xo


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