Monday, 4 November 2013

pushing up daisies

                                                           Dress (under top) - H&M 
                                                                    Top - H&M
                                                                   Hoody - H&M
                                                             Leather Jacket - thrifted
                                                                     Ring - H&M
                                                                    Boots - H&M
                                                           Feather Earring - Claire's (!)
                                                         Socks (gold metallic) - Topshop 

           (woops I'm basically a walking H&M advertisement, wearing ALL their clothes ahahah)

 A few days ago I took a break from my homework (tumblring - I am the procrastination queen) and went on a little trip to a local national trust place near my village for lunch. It was really nice and we tried out my sister's new instax mini, which I've fallen in love with. 
 I hope the UK lot of you all survived St. Jude, by the way - it seemed not too bad from my house but I found out a 14 year old boy drowned at one of my local beaches. This really shook me up as we'd been at the neighbouring beach a few hours previously for a walk and saw the rough conditions first hand, so it was scary to know what he would have gone through and the conditions his last few minutes were. 
 On a slightly cheerier note, I hope you all had a good halloween! I went to a party on Tuesday, and took a gazillion photos beforehand with Isy and Cait. Is was a jester and Caitlin a goth type thing - she has naturally extremely light blonde, insanely curly hair which she straitened and spray dyed black, which was weird to see! I just went for a zombie/vampire look - basically, I left it last minute, and could only find a cloak... 

The party was great, but I ended up telling someone about my blog - I'm praying they were too drunk to remember! We also went to another party, where you had to dress up with something that starts with the first letter of your name, so I went for a (door) mat. (MATilda!) My friend has an amazing camera and she took lots of photos, so when she sends them to me I'll post them! 

Today was the first day back to school after half term, and went surprisingly quickly, which is good  - I can't wait for the XFM Winter Wonderland and everything Christmassy! For those of you who read my last post - I finally managed to get some downstairs tickets for the festival, which is AMAZING because Freddie Cowan is god and now he'll be up close. My friend wants us to take the day off - I can't but hopefully we'll still be somewhere near the front!

I hope you've all had a good few days, have you done anything fun for halloween? 

Matilda xxx

*title is a song by Jay Jay Pistolet - Justin from the Vaccines' old solo stage name. you should check it out, it is beaut!*


  1. Love the leather jacket with the hoody!

  2. Hiya I have nominated you for the liebster award you then have to find 11 other bloggers who have under 200 followers my blog is www.themakeuplove.blogspot

  3. Love the outfits, and your blog! Alt-J <3 xx

    1. Thank you! And wooo Alt-J<3 <3 xxx

  4. Hope you had fun dear


  5. Love your blog, and it's title :) Your make up looks amazing. Also that evil eye ring; I love it. xx

  6. the doormat thing is so so brilliant omg

    - Chloe (yay!)

    1. woo you're back! ahah thank you!:') xox


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