Friday, 1 November 2013

run your fingers through my soul

A little while ago me and Isy went to Brighton to hunt me down some autumn clothes. It was a fairly successful trip, and I believe this is the first time I've bought any clothes for myself since JUNE so I was pretty proud, actually. I'll do a little haul for that but I'll show you two things I got - these metallic Topshop socks and this Urban Outfitters jumper. I have a little more to say about them both but I'll save it for the haul!
  I'm going off the look of my skater skirt having things tucked into it but I love it worn as a usual skirt which I haven't done out of school uniform since I was about eight!
 Apologies for the *'scuse me french* shitty phone camera quality...

 boots - h&m socks - topshop skirt - topshop jumper  - urban outfitters 
 One of my little sisters Lucy has just decided to get herself an Instax Mini, which I was also planning on getting, and has kindly agreed to lend it to me if I pay for any film I use. I was pretty happy with this as it saves me another £60 I don't have! The lovely Lexi from Lexi Likes recommended I buy a Diana Mini, which I really like the look of - I've wanted a film camera for S O  L O N G so I think I might have to start saving! (After I get myself a new digital camera, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BROKEN THIS IS A BLOGGER'S WORST NIGHTMARE)

 My plans for half term being FULL of productivity have, as always, not become reality, and I'm starting to regret leaving 100% of my long list of homework to do for the last two days...

 On a cheerier note my mum and dad have started looking into Shepard's Huts for me - I may be moving into one of these in the garden, which would be amazing! I've also booked myself a ticket to the XFM Winter Wonderland, which is being headlined by one of my favourite ever bands, the Vaccines! I'm so excited - it'll be all christmassy, although I accidentally bought the wrong type - I got circle tickets not floor stalls (which are now sold out) and I'm scared of heights and will be alone - the friend I'm meant to be going with has floor tickets so we'll both be alone! If anyone has/knows of a spare floor ticket I could buy please let me know, and I'll <3 you forever!

 Hope you've all been having a good half term if you're from England, and if not then just a good week!

Matilda xxxx

*Title from my favourite Reef song, 'Place Your Hands'. I think this line is so beautiful!*


  1. awesome socks! I'm thinking of getting an instax too, but the film is sooo expensive :( Anyway have a nice last few days of holiday, I know how you feel about the homework...

    1. thank you! they're slightly gaudy, but I love them regardless aha! I knooow, it sucks-.- Other than that I would definitely recommend - the pictures come out beautifully! Thank you, you too! It sucks aha:') xx

  2. Love the socks with the boots! Thanks for the mention Mattie. Just got a roll of film developed from my mini and very happy with the results. Sorry to hear about your digital camera, that really is a blogger's worst nightmare. I've done the exact same thing with my homework. ugh procrastination. -Lexi xo

    1. Thank you! You're welcome:-) Ah good! I know, gutted! If I can cope until Christmas I may be receiving a better one from my parents which is a silver lining, it's just a bit impractical! Procrastination is my middle name aha, even the fact that some of this is genuine GCSE coursework hasn't changed my terrible habits aha! Thank you for your lovely comment! xxxx


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