Sunday, 26 January 2014

i give a little, into the moment like i'm standing on the edge

 I bought this skirt recently in the sales and I'm in love with the varsity style patches and the American high schooly vibes that I feel are way too absent in my life. Also, acid wash denim is a new favourite of mine. I actually saw this skirt in the shop and hated it three times before I decided to try it on and fell in love.
 coat - gap
top - primark (classy or what)
skirt - h&m
tights - marks and sparks
boots - h&m

 It's sunday night and as usual I am supposed to be revising, yet I'm not. School is just so urgh at the moment and I just can't wait to leave school and travel. I visited Cambridge uni on Friday with the English department at school which was amazing and for an afternoon I was super motivated to do well but the enthusiasm had gone by the time I got home. One of the guys that gave us a tour was a third year politics student called Ed who was super nice and when I asked him what politics was like to study there (that's what I'm hoping to do, not necessarily at Cambridge though!) he sat me down to answer questions and talk me through the course and work load etc which was something really simple to do but has genuinely helped me so much in deciding which path I want to go down in the next few years. Although it would be incredible to go to Cambridge I'm not sure whether I'd be able to get in, especially as the average student that gets accepted there gets something crazy like 95% in their AS exams in year twelve which seem slightly unattainable to me at the moment.
  Sadly we didn't have time to visit the city centre but we did see parts of it here and there which were mostly stunning - the old college buildings there are incredible. I'd really love to go back sometime and have a proper look around the city with a nice camera!
 Today me and my family went to one of our local pubs and me and my dad both had THE most amazing roast pork lunches (if you've never been to a good ol' English pub for a sunday roast then you are missing out my friend) and we would've gone for a walk but as usual it was tipping it down with rain.
 I also started watching the Carrie Diaries this morning (thank you Lexi for the recommendation! it's so perfect omg) and one episode in I'm already in love with it. Austin Butler is a little *ahem* beautiful to say the least (HE'S STUPIDLY GORGEOUS OMG) and the whole 80s teen thing really appeals to me. I love the actress who plays Carrie Bradshaw (Anna-Sophia Robb, is it? I could just google it but i'm too lazy woops) - when she and Josh Hutcherson were in Bridge to Terabithia  a zillion years ago I fell in love with her character, Leslie. I started trying to dress like her and got a matching haircut and everything - definitely my first girl crush. Bridge to Terabithia is one of my all-time favourite books/ (and the first film that properly made me cry and connect with it), although I haven't let myself watch it in like 4 years - each time I watch it I become reduced to a crumpled, sobbing mess. It's become too painful to watch, especially as I found out that the book is based on the Author's son's childhood.

To 9 year old me, she was 100000% the coolest girl ever.
I want to watch the next carrie diaries episode before my mum takes my laptop away (me? internet addicted? never!) (ok she might have a point) so that's all from me! good luck for whatever y'all doing next week:*

Sunday, 19 January 2014

decided that once again i was just dreaming of bumping into you

jumper - urban outfitters
top - my mum's from ages ago so idek
skirt - h&m
tights - urban outfitters
boots - h&m
hamsa necklace - new look
shorter necklace - my mum's
ring - my mum's
Recently I've been loving wearing this kind of bodycon-ish skirt - although it's tight which is usually my worst nightmare, it's so so easy to wear and really caters to me laziness when it comes to dressing. It's nice and simple, which especially with patterned/statement tights is a real life saver. You know when you find an item of clothing/a clothing combination that you always feel happy comfortable in? This tights and skirt combination is mine I think.
Apologies for never ever wearing any shoes that aren't these Chelsea boots by the way - although I'm  massive shoe lover, I just find a pair I adore and wear them till they're as dead as socially acceptable. 
I love wearing this top that I stole from my mum - it's quite unusual with the different materials on the front, sleeves and back (which I stupidly didn't photograph). I also nicked the ring and shorter necklace from my mum - I LOVE all the stuff she bought in the early 2000s and late 1990s and the style from that era (omg this makes it sound like it was so long ago). by mattiemou featuring Chantecaille
I've become so obsessed with polyvore at the moment, so I thought I'd show ya two outfits I put together.

How have you guys been?
(Also has anyone been watching Silent Witness recently? gaah it's so gooood! )xoxoxo

Thursday, 16 January 2014

i think i win the record for the latest summer pictures here

I was looking through my drafts on here and realised I never posted my pictures from my family holiday to Devon this August. I think before I went I kinda underestimated  how beautiful it would be. We stayed in a lovely cottage right at the top on the coast in devon, and the views (yes. as of last summer, I've learnt to properly appreciate a good view omg) were incredible. The cliffs/hills were very rugged, the mix of textures amazing and the colours (all dark greens and purples) were so striking against the literally clear blue sea (which for England looked surprisingly Mediterranean).

We went for several coastal walks and the top of the cliffs or coastline or whatever were genuinely one of the most tranquil, beautiful places I've ever been to, let alone visited in England. I could have sat there for hours without getting bored! Being at the coast and so high also made it incredibly windy, which in the heat was a massive relief. We spent our time in Exmoor mostly on walks, visiting the nearest sea side town for ice-cream and fish and chips on a mostly very windy beach or spending time as a family just eating (in the beautiful little cottage we stayed in, or in the local pubs) and playing card games. We're all so busy during the week that the only time we usually all sit down is on Sundays for a roast dinner, so it was nice to see everyone together.
There were also lots of photogenic sheep. I took a few too many photos of them...
One afternoon we were walking along the coast and the sky became suddenly very misty, grey and stormy, which made for a very striking picture with the fence haha:)
After a week in Exmoor we headed down to East Prawle right at the bottom of Devon. My dad went home, and my grandma met us there in her mini, one person campervan. The village was right near the coast,and it was mostly rocky near where we stayed which was actually great for picnics/sunbathing. Between our rock pooling days we did manage to find a few sandy beaches, and maaan have I miss the wave jumping we did! The moment I get anywhere near the sea I turn into such a kid... (also I would post more people/outfit pictures but I literally spent 90% of  the time in swim stuff and shorts!)
My wonderful grandma doing a spot of bird watching! Also,  ignoring Millie's awkward squinty smile I think this photo looks straight out of a mini-boden catalogue! This day, we went to a beach, and then stopped off in a small sea side town for some cream teas on the beach. The wasps were super annoying -one of the days we had a picnic and I sat on one, cue me  jumping up clutching my bum screaming 'I JUST SAT ON A WASP, MY BUM HURTS AHHHH' (clean version for you there) and the whole beach of people giving me odd looks for the rest of the afternoon.
I didn't manage to get any pictures as it was too dark, but in the village we stayed in there was the quirkiest little pub (run by some famous ex-band member of a band that I can't remember haha) called the Pig's Nose. It was full of all sorts of odd ornaments and things hanging from the walls, and always had some joss sticks burning. (is this what they're called?) I was reading the visitors book (or it might of been the bird log haha) and someone had written a year previously that they were looking out of the window at Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) having a drink on the benches outside! I may have done a spot of fangirling!
Now this post is getting super long so HI if you're still reading - you're great and I hope you enjoyed having a nosey. My friend gave me my late Christmas present today which was VERY exciting - she got me some music, the sweetest pair of wooden parrot earrings and lots of glittery eyeliner, which, if you've read my 'kids in america' blog post, you'll know is right up my street!
I should really get back to my revision so hope you guys have  lovely rest of your week! xxxoox

Monday, 6 January 2014

ten things I hate about you *SPOILER ALERT! *

*all images taken from tumblr, but originally from the film.*

 So the other day I watched 'Ten Things I Hate About You' for the first time.  It turns out about ten minutes through I realised I'd pretty much already seen half the film through tumblr GIFs, which has been happening a lot lately! I wanted to watch this because, y'know, fetus Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it (and he) was no disappointment. I fell in love with Katarina as a character - she's one of the coolest film characters EVER (Riot Grrrl listening, Sylvia Plath reading) and I also hadn't realised Heath Ledger was in the film, which was a nice surprise. I don't really want to talk about the storyline too much so I don't ruin it any more for you than I already have with the GIFs (woops sorry) but basically, WATCH THIS FILM! It's one of the best 90s high school rom-coms EVER and is also a modern version of a Shakespeare play, The Taming of the Shrew which I didn't realise as I've never read/watched it (tTotS) but I might try and tackle it soon!

 Definitely a new fave 😁😍🎉🍕🍩

 I go back to school tomorrow and eurgh i'm not looking forward to it! I can't wait to see my friends, but deadlines, revision and homework doesn't sound great. Me and my sisters have been having the laziest, Friends and Miranda watching day ever - we walked for twenty minutes there and twenty minutes back to our local co-op to get some cranberry juice, mint hot chocolate and various other fatty foods, and are now not planning on leaving the sofa until tonight. I also ordered the Rookie Yearbook 2 yesterday with a book voucher I got for Christmas, so I paid a whole 99p for it! I can't wait for it to arrive eeeks😁

   I found an old disposable camera at the back of a cupboard in my house, and I've nearly used it all up, buy I'm worried it might not develop well as it may or may not be 10 years out of date! *fingers  crossed*

 Also, (I promise I'll shut up in a minute), just a quick question - on my laptop recently my blog banner and the images on the side haven't been loading or showing when I put up my blog - can you guys see them or are you having the same problem?

  Thaaaaanks, and wish me luck for tomorrow haha! I hope you guys all have a great week going back to school/work/college/uni! Much love xoxo