Thursday, 16 January 2014

i think i win the record for the latest summer pictures here

I was looking through my drafts on here and realised I never posted my pictures from my family holiday to Devon this August. I think before I went I kinda underestimated  how beautiful it would be. We stayed in a lovely cottage right at the top on the coast in devon, and the views (yes. as of last summer, I've learnt to properly appreciate a good view omg) were incredible. The cliffs/hills were very rugged, the mix of textures amazing and the colours (all dark greens and purples) were so striking against the literally clear blue sea (which for England looked surprisingly Mediterranean).

We went for several coastal walks and the top of the cliffs or coastline or whatever were genuinely one of the most tranquil, beautiful places I've ever been to, let alone visited in England. I could have sat there for hours without getting bored! Being at the coast and so high also made it incredibly windy, which in the heat was a massive relief. We spent our time in Exmoor mostly on walks, visiting the nearest sea side town for ice-cream and fish and chips on a mostly very windy beach or spending time as a family just eating (in the beautiful little cottage we stayed in, or in the local pubs) and playing card games. We're all so busy during the week that the only time we usually all sit down is on Sundays for a roast dinner, so it was nice to see everyone together.
There were also lots of photogenic sheep. I took a few too many photos of them...
One afternoon we were walking along the coast and the sky became suddenly very misty, grey and stormy, which made for a very striking picture with the fence haha:)
After a week in Exmoor we headed down to East Prawle right at the bottom of Devon. My dad went home, and my grandma met us there in her mini, one person campervan. The village was right near the coast,and it was mostly rocky near where we stayed which was actually great for picnics/sunbathing. Between our rock pooling days we did manage to find a few sandy beaches, and maaan have I miss the wave jumping we did! The moment I get anywhere near the sea I turn into such a kid... (also I would post more people/outfit pictures but I literally spent 90% of  the time in swim stuff and shorts!)
My wonderful grandma doing a spot of bird watching! Also,  ignoring Millie's awkward squinty smile I think this photo looks straight out of a mini-boden catalogue! This day, we went to a beach, and then stopped off in a small sea side town for some cream teas on the beach. The wasps were super annoying -one of the days we had a picnic and I sat on one, cue me  jumping up clutching my bum screaming 'I JUST SAT ON A WASP, MY BUM HURTS AHHHH' (clean version for you there) and the whole beach of people giving me odd looks for the rest of the afternoon.
I didn't manage to get any pictures as it was too dark, but in the village we stayed in there was the quirkiest little pub (run by some famous ex-band member of a band that I can't remember haha) called the Pig's Nose. It was full of all sorts of odd ornaments and things hanging from the walls, and always had some joss sticks burning. (is this what they're called?) I was reading the visitors book (or it might of been the bird log haha) and someone had written a year previously that they were looking out of the window at Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) having a drink on the benches outside! I may have done a spot of fangirling!
Now this post is getting super long so HI if you're still reading - you're great and I hope you enjoyed having a nosey. My friend gave me my late Christmas present today which was VERY exciting - she got me some music, the sweetest pair of wooden parrot earrings and lots of glittery eyeliner, which, if you've read my 'kids in america' blog post, you'll know is right up my street!
I should really get back to my revision so hope you guys have  lovely rest of your week! xxxoox


  1. Wow these photos are so pretty! Loving the photogenic sheep and that eyeliner sounds amazing! xo

    1. thank you so much! they were so sweet haha and I fear I may be becoming slightly addictive! xxoo

  2. The view is wonderful, if I were there could just stare at the sea forever!

    1. it was so beautiful! thanks for ya lovely comment:* xxo

  3. Hi Mattie!!
    I love your photos!! I love this Nature and I would loove to visit England!
    I live in Europe too and I am 15!

    Wanna follow each other with bloglovin? :)
    xx Barbora


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