Wednesday, 1 January 2014

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In the past month I've developed a slight infatuation with anything glittery. It started when topshop started stocking metallic, sparkly socks (the same ones I'd been eyeing up in urban outfitters for aaaaaages, but never bought because they were stupidly overpriced) and has now developed into a collection of three pairs of the said socks in silver, gold and pink/purple, a pair of stripy silver glittery tights, a whole host of glittery nail varnishes and a massive stash of glittery stickers. I'm planning on expanding this collection, too - every time I look down at my glittery feet it makes me a little happier! Today I decided to take my new obsession a little further and I put together the gaudiest, most clashing socks and tights combination EVER.

t-shirt (worn as sweatshirt) - GAP
hoody (worn under tshirt) - h&m
skirt - topshop
tights - urban outfitters
socks - topshop
I just paired this outfit with a pair of black Chelsea boots from H&M. It was incredibly warm and cosy! I really liked wearing a really plain upper half and then a really contrasting, clashing bottom half of the outfit. Also, please excuse the odd foot pose; I needed the light from the window to pick up the glitter ahahah oh dear...

I bought my sisters poptarts for Christmas and I have to say they were a mild disappointment, especially as I'd spent a rather vast sum of money on them in this amazing (but extremely pricey) sweet shop we have in the Lanes called Cyber Candy. It stocks sweets and food from all around the world, and although it's TINY,  I could literally spend hours in there!
I hope you've all had a great 2013 as well, and good luck for the next year! Have you guys made any resolutions? I spent my new year with two friends babysitting these three incredibly sweet boys (one's 4 and the other 1 and a half, I believe) equipped with the Notebook, Pitch Perfect, fruit pastilles, pizza and prosecco to bring in the new year, so, overall, it was a pretty good night!
Mattie xoxox



  1. Omg those tights are amazing! There is a Cyber Candy in Covent garden haha it sounds like your sorta place. xo

    1. thank you hehe, I'm a little in love with 'em! It's literally one of my favourite places!:') xxxx

  2. love those socks! x

  3. In love with those tights!

    R&A x

  4. Now I'm cravingpop tarts! Haha, lovely post x

    1. Aahh they're so addictive! Thank you! xxx :*

  5. I love your outfit, especially those tights! xox


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