Monday, 24 February 2014

if lovers can't be losers, why do i always end up bruised?

i took this in january near my house whilst i was on a half hour walk to my nearest shop to buy emergency cranberry juice and chocolate with my sisters. usually this view is of a really horrible, eyesore of a bridge and motorway that completely ruins the surrounding idyllic countryside, but i've always thought there's something beautiful about a desolate motorway on film.  the lighting and colours turned out better than anticipated here, and the hills in the background remind me of some north american mountain range.
we have this cinema in brighton which is actually a pretty ugly building in some ways, but I love the retro feel of it and since i was i kid i've been fascinated by those legs on the top. i remember going to see the borrowers here for my birthday party when i was about five and so have always had fond memories of it. i took this out of a car window so the little black triangle of the window edge INFURIATES me. 
walking through my local park, the sun was setting and the light behind the trees was really beautiful, and the grass seemed almost luminescent.

i'm too scared to glue my meadham kirchoff rookie crown as it looks so pretty on my wall - i've been stashing pastel, 60s inspired photos for a while now and i finally put them up a few weeks ago. i love how it looks with one of my old polaroids of ruby and i age about five. i remember the day that photo was taken: i was fascinated by the way the photos printed immediately. ruby's mum took it, and so it's one of a precious few childhood polaroids i own. my sister lucy recently bought herself a blue instax mini and very kindly, if i pay for film, lets me borrow it so i've started a new polaroid wall.
this screams new york arty mum to me.
my friend joe has this top and it makes me happy.
i borrowed alexa's book from the library and i'm very tempted to carry on renewing it for as long as they let me - parting will be too painful but then again i'd love to share the beauty of it. besides, if i wanted to borrow it i'd hate whoever was stashing it for themselves.
this one always reminds me of paris. i think it's the lavender and camera that does it. 

i recently rediscovered polyvore and i'm o b s e s s e d. it's like shopping with no money limitations...oh how i'd love to be able to walk into a shop and buy anything i wanted.

 one of my favourite female singer songwriters Lauren Aquilina just released a one take studio session of her new EP Liars. it's the third in a trilogy and the final before she releases her album. they've all been planned as the story of a relationship, and if you listen to the lyrics of all the songs in the right order it all makes sense and gaaahhh she's so cool. i recommend giving her a listen - this is the take of the ep, but if you don't have time to listen to all of it, go to 11:58, which is the start of the final song 'broke', my all time favourite. just a back story: one of the final lyrics, 'those hardest to love need it most' is the first line of the first song 'fools' on the first ep which has the same name... little details like that just make me want to cry of happiness.

the title is a lyric from 'broke'. another lyric from this song that just makes me so so happy because of it's beauty despite it being sad is 'it's not that i don't want you / it's just i don't know how/ to love you like i used to / so intense and so profound'. it has to be one of my all time favourite lyrics.
i have so much love for this girl. 

i have an rs mock tomorrow that i should really revise for woops.. but ja. i felt like we needed a catch up post, y'know? :****

Mattie xxx

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