Sunday, 30 March 2014

and i'm just wondering if you're my special thing; the thought that paces through me, that makes my everything

I've been a little reluctant to post this as in the past few weeks ALL I seem to talk about is Dan Croll. In the end I decided it'd be a waste not to write about this day and outfit - it's a lot more interesting than everything else I could write about doing this week! So yes, if you're sick to death of my musings on Dan then feel free to stop reading (but do come back - I promise after this I'll shut up about him!). If not, then yes: last Thursday I was lucky enough to go and see him live again, just this time at The Haunt (one of my favourite Brighton venues) all amped up.

knitted jumper - h&m
tshirt - topshop
crop top (worn under tshirt) - urban outfitters 
shorts - to be worn again (vintage/thrifted)
tights - urban outfitters
choker - handmade
boots - doc martens

shirt - to be worn again (thrifted/vintage)
t-shirt - idek Caitlin when you read this please comment below saying!
mom jeans - topshop
boots - deja shoe

After school, we got changed at Cait's house and one bowl of plain yoghurt, grapes and granola (THE nicest snack ever) and a spot of online window shopping (we spend too much time on the topshop website) later, we got the train into Brighton. We did some shopping, and went to our favourite record shop Resident to pick up a London Grammar vinyl for her dad's birthday - she and her dad both love them! We then went to meet Caitlin's mum for a pizza before the gig, and then we were on our way.  

When we arrived, the venue was already pretty busy and we managed to get about half way to the front. I managed to find myself in a spot right in front of about three really tall guys... needless to say this was a tad annoying! The first two acts were pretty good, but they didn't blow my mind - their names have escaped me but one sang these beautiful ballads and had an incredible soulful voice but did it all with a kinda dubstep background which was unusual, and then the next band were like an electro version of Bastille. We had a quick chat with them afterwards and they were really lovely, too! 
  Between the second support and Dan, a girl turned around in front of me and it turned out to be an old childhood friend from my primary school in Brighton, who I hadn't seen for a good five or six years. We had a lovely little chat, and it turns out that we're going to the same college which should be nice! 
  When Dan came on, he was greeted with such. loud. cheers. Considering the album had only been out for two weeks, the response was incredible, and in his words, it was 'beyond any expectations'. 90% of the songs had people singing along, and the atmosphere was just generally incredible! I literally could not see his face at all throughout most of the gig but seeing as we'd already seen/met him in such a small place, I wasn't overly annoyed - usually I would be but the music and atmosphere was so great even without seeing him that it was still one of my all time favourite gigs! The two highlights for me were not the songs I'd expected - 'In/Out' was so fun live and great to dance/bob about to, and the closing song, 'Sweet Disarray' (also the album's name) was startlingly beautiful and had both myself and Cait on the edge of tears. I did manage to catch a few glimpses of him whilst people in the audience were singing along, and he looked unbelievably happy; my favourite thing about seeing live music is the happiness on the bands faces when they realise that people know the words and actually really care: I feel like if I appreciate their music, I owe it to the band/musician to let them know, as I imagine it's what keeps them going at times. On our way out, we said a few words to Dan and he recognised us when we said we were at Resident, which topped off the evening very nicely!  
   She's going to hate me for saying this (hi ily cait) but when she got home, Caitlin cried (aw) about the whole thing and so I think it's pretty clear now that our little obsession with Dan is going to be a non-mover! What was the cherry on the top for us was when we got home, we found out he'd been confirmed for a festival we're working at in the summer which is perfect.
  As I think you're probably all getting a little sick of my Dan Croll ramblings, I'm now going on a Dan blog hiatus - he's managed to crop up in pretty much every post of mine the month, so I think it's probably time we had a little variety in my posts! So yes, I'm very sorry for my musical rut that has been broadcasted on here recently.
 How have you all been and what have you been listening to recently? xxx

*ALSO if you haven't already, you should so check out Bundle, the brainchild of Tolly. It's a social networking site for bloggers and is a great way to talk to other likeminded people - do have a look and add me! * xx

Title from 'Wanna Know'

Sunday, 16 March 2014

somehow i always fail to show the appreciation you crave, 'cause i'm a fool for you


madonna tshirt - h&m
levi shorts - to be worn again (thrifted)
boots - docs
choker - ebay
rucksack - h&m
shirt - to be worn again (thrifted)


shirt - h&m
skirt - h&m
top - idek but like topshop/h&m????
shoes - topshop
ring - silverado 

Yesterday, Caitlin and I headed down to Brighton to go to see Dan Croll play an instore session at my favourite Brighton record shops, Resident, in the lanes. My outfit wasn't actually meant to be so mind numbingly boring but I was not at all prepared for the summery weather that greeted us after school, so I had to have a last minute change of plan, hence the completely boring t-shirt and shorts combination that's hardly worthy of a blog post (but hey, this day was fun and i wanted to do some blogging so yeahhhhhhhhhh). We stopped off at Cait's to get changed and pick up some well needed Calippo ice lollies (YES IT'S THIS TIME OF THE YEAR) and got the train straight in. 
 Caitlin was on a mission to buy a new flannel/plaid shirt so we headed down to our favourite shop for vintage shirts and shorts (both my shirts and shorts in this post I found here) in the Lanes, called To Be Worn Again. If you're ever in Brighton they're worth a visit - they have two shops in the Lanes, full of lovely vintage clothes at pretty decent prices, unlike many Vintage stores. She ended up picking up a grey plaid shirt which I'm SO IN LOVE WITH that only cost a fiver! We also had a mooch around Beyond Retro and I fell in love with THE MOST GORGEOUS DRESS - a black velvet strappy skater style dress that from certain angles and under certain lights looked actually dark green. I fell in love and it fitted perfectly but it was £28 so I sadly left empty handed. 
After a walk through the very beautiful, misty Pavilion gardens and a few outfit pictures, we stopped at Cafe Nero for paninis and ice tea, before finally heading down to Resident. 
We arrived a little early to secure a place at the front - the store is tiny and being as short as I am I can't really take chances! We were having a chat looking through the records when Dan and his band walked in and started setting up. We tried (and failed) to act casual at the fact that one of our all time favourite musicians was JUST THERE, and the half hour wait before they started was agonizing! 
I am majorly in love with Dan's musical style and lyrics, so seeing him perform his album off mic with the band acoustically was amazing. It was even better than anticipated and the rest of the band's harmonies with Dan were incredible! I was literally standing next to them through the whole thing and it was very hard to try and tone down the massive grin on my face. 

 Afterwards they stayed behind to meet people and Dan was so lovely - at one point I told him that From Nowhere was one of my all time favourite songs and at the same time it started playing which was perfect timing! I'm seeing him again at one of my favourite venues the Haunt in a few weeks so this has made me even more excited for that. He was basically just super nice and talented and if you STILL haven't checked out his music after the 12682332486 times I've mentioned it on here, NOW IS THE TIME. I'll leave a few videos at the end of this post and I promise your life will be enriched!;)

This was a really nice day and I'm glad Cait came along too - she loves him even more than I do haha so seeing her so happy was lovely! I've tried to keep my cool in this post and not gush about his amazingness as much as i want to - I'm still haunted from a few weeks ago when I realised one of my favourite bands Howler had found these pictures I'd posted on tumblr aged 14 with vomit inducing captions that I dare not to repeat and reblogged/liked/replied to them all...not good. I'd rather not repeat history!

the title of this post if from 'in/out', this first video! it's golden

Have you discovered any great music recently? Leave me some songs to check out if you have - i love listening to new things! xxxxoxoxo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

every now and then i fall a bit behind, every time i stare into your eyes

shirt - h&m
t-shirt - topshop
skirt - topshop
choker - ebay
boots - doc marten
On Sunday it was my sisters' fourteenth birthday (twins!) so we headed down to Brighton to see the book thief, and it was i n c r e d i b l e. I can't recommend it enough - it was beautifully crafted and poignant, and very well shot. I fell in love with all of the characters and it was also incredibly interesting in a contextual, historical way.
  I bought myself this choker as a...birthday present to myself- I've had my eye on it for a while and decided my sixteenth birthday was a just reason to cave in and pay the staggering (not) £2.99 for the matching bracelet and choker set. You can probably get them at a better price but it was an impulse buy (the best kind) so I didn't do my research! The shirt is an old favourite of mine - I've had it for a good while but was stuck with how to style it in new ways until recently, and now it's my new cover-up of choice.
  This week and next week are my mocks, so revision has really been stressing me out. My only release has been the wonder that is My Mad Fat Diary - Finn Nelson is..... really something, and don't get me started on Rae! She's possibly my all time favourite TV character and is so so real. If you don't watch MMFD you're missing out. The clothes and music are amazing too - all 90s and perfect. It also deals with issues like eating disorders and depression really well, without focusing entirely on them - more of an acknowledgement of them without completely defining the characters by their struggles, which I like.
my mad fat diary Come back soon please, Finn
that face...that face is a nice face.   Finn - My Mad Fat Diary
Such a cute couple <3 My mad fat diary

The title is a lyric from Dan Croll's 'From Nowhere'. I've mentioned him before - if you haven't already checked him out, you SO NEED TO. I'm not going to make a failed attempt to describe his sound... just watch. This is one of my favourite songs at the moment  and has been for the past few months - I'm counting down the days until I see him live! I also love the video - the colours are beautiful and I love the concept! 

also, does anyone have any tips for dress shopping? my prom's coming up and i'm struggling slightly on the dress front - if anyone has any good shops or brands, let me know! any advice would be massively appreciated, so thank you!

I should really start doing some english so byee and hope you're all having a good week! xxxxx