Saturday, 26 April 2014

kylie jenner, please give me your wardrobe
stand outs: juju jellies; ripped boyfriend jeans & the ENTIRE coachella outfit.

 I'm not a massive fan of every member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (not that I know them personally - I purely mean how they come across on screen) but one person that's always stood out to me on the show is Kylie Jenner. I think it could be her reserved, kinda subdued presence on the show - I feel she doesn't put herself entirely out there on tv and I respect that about her. Another thing I'm drawn to would have to be her style, which is, in my opinion, pretty damn perfect!
stand outs: round sunglasses; white halterneck crop top; black on black & YEEZUS top.
  I think that especially considering the fact that she's sixteen, Kylie has incredible style and wears the 90s grunge trend that I'm in love with so so well. I'm a little obsessed with her wardrobe (no of course I don't have a pinterest board of her?????!!!! okay yes i do) and I'm envious to say the least. Realistically, how many people can take a 'fanny pack' and make it look stylish? (the answer's not many. not many people at all).
stand outs: studded shorts; green dip dyed hair & and my all time favourite of her outfits (left photo).
I also have some major hair envy. She makes me want to chop off all of my hair and go her length, despite having done it several times in my life and ALWAYS regretting it! I love the more recent green ends addition - once I leave school in June I'm planning on bleaching the ends of my hair and experimenting with some colour - thanks to Kylie, green is now top of my list!
stand outs: skorts; chelsea boots; cat eye sunglasses & that beautiful neckline on the top left.
She's basically just a massive style influence for me, and there's not a single outfit of hers that I wouldn't want to wear myself. How she makes everything look so effortless is beyond me, and she's literally the first person I look to for inspiration when shopping or outfit planning. If I could swap my wardrobe for anyone else's, it's be Kylie's 10067564 times over!

I could continue gushing and gushing about how *flawless* I think her style is, but I imagine that you get the picture and this post is probably overloaded with cheesiness already! How do you feel about her style? Do you guys have any big style inspirations that I should check out? 

On a slightly different note, I should have some exciting posts coming up for you guys soon, and after these exams when I start actually getting dressed out of my onesie to leave the house I should be back to my normal rambly outfit/life posts! So yup, it'd be great if you could just bear with me at the moment!


****also please appreciate how hard it was for me to refrain from calling this post 'style krush: kylie jenner'... it was a tough decision to leave that little pun out.****

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

my mumma told me you gotta live on the run, or you'll die young


coat - gap // sweatshirt - h&m // dress (worn under sweater) - h&m // boots - doc marten // ring - my mum's // above knuckle ring -

 On Good Friday, my family and I went on a walk and then for a pub lunch. The route we went on is a favourite of mine, and happens to be where I took my first ever outfit of the day pictures a good year and a half ago (the post isn't published anymore). This is what I wore - the sweatshirt is actually my sister Lucy's, and the pale blue version of the skull jumper I wore a few posts ago. I fell in love with this online but as I had no money to spend myself, I showed Lucy it and she decided to buy it for herself, so hey a free jumper! It's continuing my 'more colour for spring/summer' theme and I couldn't be happier about it! I LOVE the print and these jumpers are incredibly comfy (and incredible cheap at only £5.99 thank you h&m)

It worries me how Lucy and Millie look practically my age. If you haven't seen them in a post before, then these are my little sisters, who are 13 and identical twins but getting less and less alike as they get older.

 I have my first GCSE exam in just over 20 days, so sadly I seem to be spending most of my time staring blankly at textbooks / 'revising'. It was nice to leave the house for a morning, but there was definitely a grey cloud over my head as I new that it was probably the last time I'd be leaving the house (not for school) in a good while. With my parents separating and all, we're also starting to try and sell our house so that's a whole other reason to be stressed (I am the messiest person I know so I don't mix too well with unexpected house viewings) The only thing keeping me going is the promise of a long summer after my exams!

 In other news, I've just purchased a few bits and pieces for my giveaway that I'll be sharing with you at 100 bloglovin' followers. It's nothing massive but I'm still excited to share it with you! Only 5 followers to go!

The title is a lyric from B-Roads by one of my favourite bands at the moment, the Milk. Their music is kinda jazzy and soul filled, but at the same time pretty rock-y- it basically just makes me want to get up and dance - you should have a listen!

As usual, this post was really disjointed, but yeah. Oh well. 

I hope you've all had a lovely easter and eaten triple your weight in chocolate. xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

i've picked out some prom dresses for you

Over the past month or so, I've spend a whole lot of time looking online for prom dresses and as a result have accumulated a large number of links to beautiful dresses! As I've been lucky enough to find mine already, I thought that I could put together some of these links to help any of you who are on the hunt for their perfect dress this coming prom season.The dresses range from roughly £20-£300 and I've tried to find a selection of all different styles and colours so hopefully there should be one or two that take your fancy whatever your taste, body shape or budget! I recommend clicking on their links to have a close look - the ones in the 'lights' section especially have some with beautiful details that don't show up too well unless enlarged. Enjoy...

I had my heart set on a metallic prom dress for a good while - I actually ordered the silver pleated one, but it didn't end up suiting me. The material was beautiful though - it felt almost vintagey and was more 'burnt' looking than it looked online, which I thought was a good thing. I love all these dresses to pieces and I think they're nice and unusual too - a but of individuality is always nice for prom!

Aside from the printed ones, these are all the same dress just in different lengths, and I love them! I think the pleats are beautiful and timeless but at the same time slightly edgy for a prom dress. I love the printed dresses too -  again, I think they're pretty edgy despite one being in very girly colours. From what I've seen, patterns are definitely very unusual for prom, so you're guaranteed not to match anyone!

 I think a black dress could look amazing piled high with chunky silver necklaces and rings. Black is such a classic colour as well that you'll be able to wear it again and again, which is good especially if you're looking to spend a little more.

This colour is very wintery so these dresses maybe aren't amazing for summer, but for a winter ball/dance I think that these are all beautiful! I love the cut and halterneck of the Asos Lace Organza Prom Dress (on the left).

I adore all of these - they feel very simple and classic. A lot of these have silver accents/details,which would look amazing with a silver clutch and heels - my favourite colour of shoes and bags! I ended up going with a white/cream dress myself - it feels very girly and summery which I thought would be nice for prom. The only trouble with going for a white/cream dress for me is that I'm going to struggle to wear it elsewhere - weddings for me seem like the perfect place to rewear prom gear but wearing a white dress to a wedding probably isn't the smartest move! A lot of these dresses are so beautiful though that I wouldn't mind buying them just for one occasion.

I love the pastels trend for the summer (sadly it doesn't suit me at all though) and prom seems like the perfect opportunity to go very girly when it comes to colour! I love the Topshop 60s style lace dress and the vintage buttons on the pink Asos maxi are beautiful.

Looking through all of these shops, I noticed that there weren't many examples of any of the dresses on curvy girls, which is a huge shame. The lovely Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter (google her) often shows items in hauls etc from the Asos 'Curvy' or 'Plus Size' ranges, and so I decided to see if there were any prom suitable dresses in the range. I found a good few - I think these are beautiful! I can imagine Grecian style dresses looking amazing on curvier girls - I think the drapey, Grecian one here looks beautiful!The lace v-neck dress I also love.

I hope you took some inspiration from these or even found one to buy! For me, online shopping was great for ideas but trying on different shapes and styles in shops was incredibly valuable - I'd recommend trying stuff on to see what suits you and getting an idea of your ideal dress, and then finding a similar one online! A lot of places have some beautiful dresses at great sale prices, too, so it's definitely worthwhile having a hunt around before purchasing.

 Let me know if you like any of the dresses or leave me links if you've got yours! I'd love to see what you'll be wearing if you've got a prom/school dance coming up soon. xxo

*I try to reply to comments as soon as possible, but as I'm away I'm afraid replies will be delayed by a few days! Sorry and thank you for reading/commenting*