Tuesday, 30 December 2014

we've been talking but talking's all we do

t-shirt: pull & bear // crop top (wore underneath t-shirt) : h&m // skirt: h&m // necklace: primark // socks: topshop // cardi: h&m // shoes: boohoo // watch: casio

 *I think a moment of appreciation is needed for my blogging dedication here - you have NO IDEA how cold I got taking these photos #stylebloggerproblems*
 Today's outfit was a trial run of the beauties that are these holographic shoes from Boohoo. I've been desperate to get my hands on some metallic shoes for ages, and so after an unsuccessful order of a vaguely similar Missguided pair, when I saw these in the Boohoo sale for £14 down from £30 I snapped them up.  At first I wasn't 100% on the fit of them, but for £14 I thought I'd be a fool to let them go. They make me feel like Kayla Hadlington, and for this alone I think they're worth the money!
 This Pull & Bear tee was another post-Christmas sale find - Christmas money and gift vouchers have meant that for the past few days I've been in sale shopping  h e a v e n. I picked this up in my lunch break at work at the weekend, and I am in love - I've been head over heels for anything made from mesh recently, and I am a big fan of this sport-style neckline, too. It's a little difficult to style because of its boxy shape but hopefully I should be able find a few more ways to wear it!
 This year Christmas has seemed to fly by, leaving just as quickly as it arrived. I actually had a really nice time - I spent the day with my sisters, parents and grandma, heading up to see my dad's side of the family the following day for our annual Boxing Day gathering. I was very kindly given a whole bunch of clothes/books/music by my family and friends - some people hate 'Christmas haul' type-posts, but my nosey self loves them so let me know if you'd like to see one from me!
The lyric is a title from Saint Raymond's 'I Want You' - we have it on the playlist at work so I've had it stuck in my head for weeks. I'm a big fan of his music - it's always insanely catchy!

That's all from me - hope you all have a fab new year! I'll see you soon, hopefully with a glitzy new year outfit post for you! Much love xox

Sunday, 21 December 2014

made my way to the dancefloor and i danced 'til i wasn't drunk anymore

WHAT I WORE: Dress - New Look // Choker - made myself // Boots - Doc Martens // Ring - Old 

 This week has been the coldest in a long time. This week I thought I'd save you the trauma of looking at my more recent, very practical and not in the slightest bit aesthetically bearable outfits (ten thousand layers that clash horrifically and a blanket worn as a cape for added warmth). Instead I'm digging out some photos from an unpublished post I wrote in July, once again with blue-ish hair and some long-forgotten sun.

  I really like the 60s vibes of this dress, and I think the cross over front makes it still feel a little modern at the same time, which I like. Houndstooth always used to be a big no-go for me but since I saw this dress I've become obsessed with it - I'm now on the hunt for a nice a-line skirt in the same print, and I have my eye on some houndstooth shoes, too (sounds horrible but I promise they're nice)! I feel like the cross over, skort-esque front, as the dress is otherwise quite short, makes it a little more practical too.

  As you may have noticed, sadly the blue hair is no more - I'd never dyed my hair before this, so I thought dip dye was the way to go as if the worst came to the worst I could chop it off! Isy very kindly did it for me and I did hers at the same time - as the dye was only temporary (6-8 washes) it faded very quickly - it was originally very dark blue but soon turned into a pastel green which I weirdly quite liked! Later in the summer I also dyed the ends purple, which eventually faded into a red/ginger tint at the ends of my hair which is still very slightly there. For anyone interested I used this dye from Schwarzkopf which I do recommend, but it works a lot better on lightened hair!

Isy, Lydia and Cait who's outfits were beaut. I think their dresses were all Topshop?? 
Musically recently I've been rediscovering Lianne La Havas - I fell in love with her after listening to 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' a few years back and her debut album did not disappoint! Her voice is incredibly soulful and all of her harmonies are beautifully crafted. As usual my description is not doing her music justice, so here's a few of my favourite songs by her! 

**The title is a lyric from 'Is Your Love Big Enough?'**


 At the minute I feel like I'm in denial that Christmas is actually happening - I seem to be doing nothing but blogging about summer - catching up on lost time, I suppose. Usually I'm feeling festive from September onwards but this year it just doesn't seem to be happening! Maybe if I leave the house at some point this week there could be a more wintery/Christmassy post soon, but just in case there isn't, MERRY CHRISTMAS I love you all and make sure you eat your weight in chocolate coins and mince pies in the next few days. Enjoy!  <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

interviewing charlieissocoollike, what i wore and circa waves.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page (the shameless self promotion is here once again) will know that recently, two friends and I were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be panellists for an event in Birmingham, interviewing the YouTuber Charlie McDonnell/Charlieissocoollike. This was the second of these events for Google/Arts council/Culture24 that I've been part of, the first being last November with Dan Howell/ Danisinotonfire, with both panels exploring what organisations can learn from a YouTubers like Charlie and Dan.
 As someone who's first ever introduction to the world of YouTubing was through watching one of Charlie's videos a good four years ago, to be able to spend the morning with him was amazing, and it was incredibly interesting to be able to interrogate him about life on the other side of the camera!  He was reeeaaally lovely to speak to and very kindly came and had a sit down and lunch with us afterwards, so we got to have a got to have a good chat together without the added pressure of an live audience which was nice. I always feel a tad nervous before meeting people that I have a lot of admiration for (you know what they say about never meeting your idols blah blah blaaaah) but so far I'm yet to have a bad experience and Charlie was no exception!

The day was incredibly busy and so it wasn't until I got back to Brighton that night that I was able to find a moment to sneak in a few outfit pictures. I'll admit it was a bit of a struggle to find something in my wardrobe to wear that wasn't too scruffy/inappropriately short - in the end I went with this printed shirt that is one of my all time favourite items of clothing - it's extremely gaudy, but I like the slightly eclectic 60s vibe to the print, which also reminds me of the geometrics Greek tiles that you can find. I like pairing it with really clashing colours or prints, with my favourite combination being it matched with this GAP t-shirt - it's made from the softest material ever and I love the colour.

// Shirt - Primark // T-shirt - GAP // Necklace - New Look // Jeans - New Look // Boots - Doc Martens // Watch - Casio (eBay) //
December has come around scarily quickly - usually I'm out Christmas shopping in early November or late October but this year I haven't had time to give it a minute's thought! My weekends have mostly been spent working overtime and cramming in studying during every lunch break or free period at college that I can find in an attempt to make some extra money to fund my excessive Christmas Costa and ice-skating needs, all whilst my coursework for English is supposed to be getting finished - it's been exhausting but hopefully worth it when I get a few days to relax at the end of the month.
Music-wise, at the moment I've been looooving a band called Circa Waves. I saw and met them a few weeks ago at the Haunt in Brighton which was great - they're an indie rock band and recently supported the Libertines which I missed (don't get me started on this again bc I will cry and I am not at all ashamed) and as well as producing some great music they're all beautiful... So yeah. We're winning from all angles here. You should have a listen.
Until next time, ta for reading and bye!