Thursday, 30 July 2015

all my shoes have holes in the soles, live my life in second hand clothes

cardigan: urban outfitters // mesh tee: pull and bear // crop top (under mesh): h&m // shorts: new look // bum bag: ebay // boots: doc martens //  necklace: vintage // hat: urban outfitters

This outfit is from a recent day trip up to London's Covent Garden to fiiinally meet the lovely Lexi of the blog Lexi Likes! Lexi and I have been internet friends for a good year & half now but until our London mooch had never actually met face to face; it was incredibly weird to meet someone for the very first time already classing them as such a good friend! Lexi is a gem of a person and (even friendship aside) is one of my favourite style bloggers - you can give find her blog here and her YouTube here

This cardigan was a happy £10 Urban Outfitters sale find and I love it to pieces (sadly, i  mean this literally - it's covered in holes nowadays) - it's beautifully cut at the front & I think adds a nice bit of ~drama~ to otherwise simple outfits like this one. These photos were taken the day after Truck Festival, which I worked at with some friends, hence the bum bag! I bought it solely for festival use but have accidentally become way too attached to it - it's so. useful. to just have everything I need literally attached to me, and has stopped me losing everything so often. 

((Also, big up to my local Doc Martens store who kitted me out with a free new pair of Docs after my beloved first pair annoyingly broke a year in. It's nice to have a big brand who still look after their customers! Also, topical title amirite, thank you Ratboy)) 

The past few weeks haven't reeeally felt quite like summer yet - I've been working non-stop & aside from a few days away at Truck (which were anything but restful) haven't really had any chill time yet. I've realized recently though that I'm a lot happier when busy - without any structure to my day I often lack the motivation to do anything. Truck was amazing though (I won't post most of my pictures as they have people that I can't contact for permission in haha) but I met so many lovely people, saw some amazing bands and had an all round great time.

 Some highlights were Slavesthe Wytches and Ratboy, but there wasn't a single bad set! We also managed to catch FEVER, Basement Jaxx, the Charlatans, Pulled Apart by Horses, Demob Happy, Raleigh Ritchie, Jaws, the Magic Gang, Saint Raymond, Nothing But Thieves, Darwin Deez & Dog Is Dead, all of whom are 1000 times worth a listen to.
RATBOY (title is a lyric from his song 'Sign On' which is punky bratty hip hop & so good)
BLOODY KNEES (in the queue for curry, super casual ahah)
THE MAGIC GANG (some of the loveliest humans ever, and also a Brighton band)
NOTING BUT THIEVES & SUNSET SONS (also the loveliest humans ever.)
 That is about it from me - hope you all are having lovely summers if it's also that time of year for you (though it doesn't feel like it in the UK, hence all the tights & layers in my Truck photos...)! I'm off to Boardmasters festival next week so may be absent again for a little while but yas have a good one folks, lots of love x x x x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

don't waste away, the feelings that we have remain / it tastes the same, daffodil days

crop top: h&m // shirt: to be worn again (thrifted) // shorts: new look // boots: river island // sunglasses: new look // watch: casio // necklace: vintage

It has been SO. HOT. in Brighton recently, and so I've pretty much been wearing variations of this outfit and nothing else...Tights included. It takes some extreme weather to make me part with them! These shorts are the comfiest thing to ever exist, and the shirt has been a lifesaver in this sunny weather - I usually wear it as a light 'lil cover-up like this or just buttoned up as a dress for when I'm feeling lazy (which is most days).

Lately I've actually been pretty busy - last weekend my mum and I took the train up to Newcastle for a Uni open day, which was amazing. I fell in love with the course and campus there - I'm planning on doing Politics and Sociology joint honours - and it's filled me with motivation to work my butt off for next year. All the Universities that I really like the look of - Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle etc - typically require preeetty high grades, so expect to see literally none of me for the next academic year!

 I've also been working a good bit. I don't think I've ever properly talked about my jobs on here, but I work at a baby clothes shop in town which I love, and then I also do volunteer work at a Brighton based music studios & radio station with the babe that is Caitlin. Usually I work once a week there but I did a few shifts last week - covering for people who were at Glastonbury, of course *sighs* -& it made me realize how lucky I am to have somewhere/something so different and interesting compared to the rest of me life (college etc). I've been working there for 7ish months now and have met the loveliest, most eclectic group of people (a good few of whom are like a second family to Cait and I) and have had both the best and strangest experiences. We stumbled across this place after a quick google of voluntary jobs in our area & SO NEARLY didn't get in touch - even after our first visit we very nearly didn't come back as we felt so out of our depth, but I am forever glad that we did. What I'm trying to get at in this emosh lil rant is that if you are reading this, I urge you to go and put yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new as you never know what will come of it :)))) (cute)

I'll leave you on that happy note, hope you all have a killer week and survive in this insane heat if you're in the UK (lol it's not even that hot on a real world scale, I'm just used to living in an ice cube) xxxxx

**title is a lyric from 'Daffodil Days' by the king of summery, low-fi bedroom pop jams, Oscar . the video is also a beauty! **

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

dance to stevie wonder, my broken hearted teenage brother

shirt: to be worn again (thrifted) // skirt: h&m // mesh tee: gap // crop top (under mesh tee): h&m // boots: river island // tote bag: ella masters studio // necklace: vintage // watch: casio //
(Apologies for the terrible camera quality, Blogger is being difficult <////3 )
The weather in England is infuriatingly unpredictable, and living near the sea means that even the sunniest of days can turn windy & cold in a matter of minutes. Outfit-wise, for these reasons in the past couple of weeks I've gravitated towards lots of light layers, with this GAP mesh jumper over crop tops being the favourite! The plaid shirt has always & will always be my spring/summer go-to cover up also.
This bag is from the lovely Ella's store - I'd been reading her blog and loving her illustrations for years before I finally caved in and ordered some of her work a few weeks ago! I love being able to wear her art & 'the future holds great things' is a sweet 'lil thing to read every few hours. 
The title is a lyric from 'Weekends' by The Jacques - hailing from Bristol & recently signing to Gary Powell's label, 25 Hour Convenience Store, I discovered these guys during a late night Spotify trawl (that 'discover' page can be a godsend) & instantly fell in love. Their sound is very reminiscent of the Libertines (signing with their very own Powell was always going to kick-start comparisons) & is definitely worth a listen to.
On another note, hey exams are over!! I hope that any of you that sat exams survived & are feeling good about things. I think mine went okay but at this point I'm a little unsure as to what my 'okay' even is - I don't have the faintest idea as to what will be in my envelope on results day! I've been trying not to dwell on it all too much but as college has got us drafting our personal statements for university applications, it's not the easiest to ignore. I've actually got my first university open day this Saturday - I'll be heading up to Newcastle, which I'm excited about! As well as looking around the Uni itself, I really want to get a feel for the rest of the city too, so if you know the area then I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations, food/sightseeing-wise.
 These photos were taken after seeing the beyond lovely Mia of Teenage Beauty Blog, who I finally got to meet last weekend! I'd never actually met any blogging/internet friends irl before, and so meeting Mia came with a nice moment of reassurance & realisation that you are all!! real!! people!! & just as lovely in person. I think part of me has always been a little nervous to meet blogging friends in real life, as so many of you I count as genuinely close friends & moving that friendship face to face is scary, you know?? This summer though I'm determined to meet as many of you as possible, so HEY if you're ever in Brighton/Sussex & want a tour guide/shopping partner/coffee companion then hit me up & lets make it happen!
And finally, for those of you that don't follow me on twitter/instagram etc, I cut & dyed my hair red/purple ay! This is actually a good few weeks into being dyed so it was originally a lot darker/brighter than this & it's already in need of a trim, but yeah. That's a thing.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

i'll just read a book instead, i don't care if we're just friends

polo neck - gap // necklace - vintage // bomber jacket - h&m // trousers - boohoo // watch - casio // boots - doc martens
**shout out to the space hopper hiding in our shed**

This outfit is a bit of a 'Mattie looks gross in photos but feels badass so oh well' situation, and features one of my all time favourite items of clothing, this cheetah-print bomber jacket from H&M. If you're someone I know irl you might recognise it - it's been surgically attached to me in the past month or so! I'm a complete and utter cat lady and so am in love with this print, and for £15 down from £40 in the sale it was a happy find. I've a soft spot for clashing prints, and so this is a favourite combination of mine - I will say though that it's a little less offensive to look at in real life! These trousers, though intensely unflattering, I've also been enjoying wearing recently - I've been after something in this AA inspired grid print for a good while, and I like them paired with a band t-shirt and fur collar. 


The title is a lyric from 'Do-Wah-Doo', by one of my all-time favourite ladies in music, Kate Nash. I fell in love with her piano led, poppy and lyrically tongue-in-cheek debut album 'Made of Bricks' way back in 2007, and her progression into a more angsty, riot grrrl/garage sound over the past few years has conveniently grown with my own tastes & only made me love her more. Kate is also the mind behind the LA-based community Girl Gang, who post videos online as Girl Gang TV. Started up as a weekly meeting for like-minded woman hosted in her garage, Girl Gang, as Kate says, is for 'cool people that wanna make cool shit and change the world'. I think that pretty much sums her up - I'm basically just a big fan of her music and mindset, and would 100% recommend having a listen.

I've not really anything else of any interest to say - the past week has been a bit of an 'oh sh*t my final exams are in two weeks' blur, and my caffeine intake has trebled in a panic to memorize a year's worth of work in the few hours I have between eating/sleeping/college/work - and on that note, I have an English essay to write for first period tomorrow morning!! I hope you're all well and coping if you're also reaching exam season!!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

you're simpatico, & of all the lifts home & all the mixed feelings

sweater: pull and bear // necklace: vintage // shirt: gap // jeans: east end thrift store // socks: topshop // shoes: truffle @ asos // earrings: claire's accessories // ring: h&m
Very recently I've been really drawn to more androgynous shapes: rolled up, boxy trousers and well cut shirts, with chunky shoes. I feel like there's something a quite empowering about wearing such shapeless or less conventionally 'feminine' pieces: I like the maybe-i-care, maybe-i-don't kinda vibes they give off, and the change from my usual short skirt tendencies. This outfit was more of a modern, laid back alternative to what could be quite a crisp look - I like the 90s touches the printed sweater and teal shirt give. I found this sweatshirt in Pull and Bear, and fell in love - the intricate illustrations I think are quite unusual on a traditionally sporty piece, which I'm a fan of.

Long time no see! This month has been the busiest in a long while; as well as having to move house twice (#divorcelife) and get used to splitting my time between my parents, the run up to exams has started and I am freeeaking. I've also recently finalised my courses for next year - I'm dropping Sociology and continuing English Literature, Modern History and Politics, as well as picking up a new, non-qualification Current Affairs course. It's all a little daunting and the stress of having our exams less than a month away is beginning to kick's safe to say that my social life in the next month or so is going to be less than flourishing!!

The title is a lyric from Kathleen by Catfish and the Bottlemen. I have stacks of love for these guys - they actually played the festival I worked at last summer but as I hadn't yet heard of them I MISSED THEIR SET. They've quickly become one of my favourite bands, and so I'm eternally furious with July-2014 Mattie for missing them. The same happened that weekend with Circa Waves and Peace - this year I'm determined not to let it happen again, so there'll no doubt be a fair amount of line-up research! Their debut album is one I've had on repeat for months, and there is not a dud song in sight. A description of mine is not going to do them justice, so I reckon y'all should just have a listen, if you haven't already. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

On one final note, you guys I saw the babes that are the Vaccines again on Easter Sunday!! We managed to get barrier again and I swear to god they make me happy like nothing else. Freddie came to the barrier a couple of times and played whilst Lyds and I hugged him, until security took him was a good night, a good night. I have so much love for them.

Hope you had a good Easter!! xoxox

Thursday, 12 March 2015

when i'm feeling spaced out, my sunshine comes out, you just don't know what i mean

fur collar: boohoo // tennis skirt: ebay // crop top: missguided // boots: doc martens // watch: casio // earrings: vintage // necklace: new look // ring: vintage

This fur collar, on the days that I've been feeling a tad under the weather / unmotivated / generally just a bit 'meh', has proved to be quite the saviour. Scientific experiments conducted by Cait and I can confirm that this is a wardrobe piece that, upon wearing, instantly makes you feel like the kinda gal that has her shit together. For my flaky self, being able to feel this is a miracle! Admittedly to the untrained eye I probably look like a bit of an idiot flouncing around college wearing this, but I'm a fan anyway.

As the regular This is From Matilda readers among you will know, I'm more of an head-to-toe black kinda dresser, and so ordering this tennis skirt was a big deal for me! Some of you may recognize it from a VERY misleading instagram picture - filters made it look pink, and far, far nicer than it actually is! I was told twice when wearing this that I looked like a daffodil which maaaybe shouldn't be a good thing, but I'm surprisingly liking it. Who knew that colour could be a good thing?! I ordered it for £3.99 + shipping, which I thought was pretty damn good in comparison to American Apparel's crazy prices. What took me by surprise though was that when it arrived, it's the REAL AA DEAL, labels and packaging still intact?! Maybe I'm just being naive but I either just got sold a £4 American Apparel skirt or as good a fake as you'd get - either way, I'm happy. It also matches the stitching in my Docs to perfection! (It's the little things in life...)

On a slightly less cheerful note though, oh my god guys this skirt is so short!!! By lunchtime I had flashed an old woman who looked disapproving to say the least, and walked halfway up a hill displaying EVERYTHING in the wind, as I had my hands full and couldn't hold my skirt down. The things I do??!!


Caitlin was very kindly my photographer for these, and as I loooved what she was wearing, I figured it was high time we got her back on the old blog, after a good while's absence.

denim jacket: gap (men's) // boots: doc martens // skirt: urban outfitters // necklace: posh totty // lipstick: no7 in 'grace' // jumper: gap

Caitlin is my 90s grunge icon at the moment - she styles polo necks to perfection, and I'm a big fan of boxy denim jackets. The necklace is from a lovely Brighton jewelry shop, which is full of the most beautiful personalized jewelry. I'm also 100% digging the sixties vibes of her a-line, gingham skirt. 

On another note, this week has been insanely busy - after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, I'm finally moving house at the weekend! As most of you know, my parents are just finalizing their divorce, and this weekend we all move out of our family home: from next week onwards I'll be dividing my time between my dad's Brighton house and my mum's house in a village a little way out. It'll be weird to start off with, but I'm looking forward to the change, and to be living so close to college... my hour long waits for buses home will be no more! I've been collecting bits and bobs to decorate my new rooms for a good while now, so I'll hopefully have a bit of a room tour up soon. 

The title is a lyric from one of my all-time favourite songs: Dana Gillespie's version of 'You Just Gotta Know My Mind'. I've spent way too much of my life having lone dance parties to Gillespie's earlier music - it's 60's, bluesy pop, and as sassy as can be. She's since released many a blues album: her 1990's songs 'A Lotta What You Got' and 'Snatch and Grab It' are also gems, and never fail to cheer me up when things are a bit bleugh - godsends.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

you're too busy watching other girls in their little skirts with their pretty curls

// skirt: h&m // top: missguided // necklace: new look // fishnets: topshop // shoes - boohoo // earrings: vintage //

Polo necks are forever my favourite thing at the minute - they don't really suit me, but I've decided that I like them too much to mind. This necklace was a birthday present from my friends Rosie and Charlotte (thanks guys, I love you), which I love! It's not something I'd ever think to pick out for myself, but I've fallen head over heels for it and not gone a day without it since my birthday. The fishnets I found in the Topshop sale for a pound, and though I'm not brave enough yet to wear them on their own, layered over normal tights I think they bring a nice texture to an outfit. I feel a bit predictable in this outfit, though - I turned up to college wearing it a few days ago, only to find a girl in my English Lit class also wearing this skirt and another wearing this top! Nonetheless I like wearing it, and so have been outfit repeating an embarrassing amount.

In January I was bursting with motivation and good intention to be a super organised blogger this year, with - would you believe it - a regular blogging schedule, but then (please do excuse my cliché here) life happened and an accidental month passed. It also hasn't helped that amidst the frantic coursework cramming sessions, essay writing and shifts at work, I've worn nothing but cat leggings and dressing gowns... Perhaps not worthy of an outfit post??
It's been a bit of a busy few weeks - my 17th birthday was on the 21st, and it was a lovely, albeit quiet little occasion. Isy, Caitlin, Rosie, Lydia and Charlotte very kindly held me a little surprise birthday dinner with curry, presents and lots of cake which was lovely, and my family and I had a nice meal out and movie night. The day before I also got to catch up with an old friend from primary school who was down from Devon for a few days, which was lovely and the first time we'd seen each other in a good few years!
College is also getting pretty heavy in that we've started looking at what subjects to drop/pick up for next year, and what we want to do after finishing our A-Levels...If anyone would like to pick out a degree course for me, I'd be so okay with that. I think it's safe to say that making big life decisions is NOT something I'm good at.

The title is a lyric from 'Blah Blah Blah', by my new obsession, Girlpool. Based in Philadelphia, Cleo and Harmony make up this guitar/bass duo, and I am forever girl crushing on them! Expect clashing harmonies, blunt lyrics ('it's not enough to watch a movie / eat me out to American Beauty' really shouldn't work but IT SO DOES) and even blunter fringes. Basically, #lifegoals.  Thank you to Caitlin for the introduction!

I hope you're all well, and hopefully it won't be a month 'til next time!
Lots of love xox

Monday, 26 January 2015

i broke my bones playing games with you, tired by fun, it makes me blue

skirt: h&m // jumper: m&s // top: urban outfitters // chain necklace: primark // bug necklace: jewelsy // socks: topshop // earrings: vintage // shoes: boohoo  // facial expression: rookie's 'how to bitchface'

I have been a terrible blogger recently in that all of my January posts seem to be circulating just two items of clothing, one being this metallic top of mine. I love layering it, and this V-neck combination is a particular favourite at the minute! I was given the M&S jumper from my mum, and it is has taken me by surprise in fast becoming one of my holy grail wardrobe items - I remember reading about Alexa Chung's staple navy men's sweater, and this is completely my equivalent - a nicely cut, good quality sweater has turned out to be a god send on those days where ~nothing~ seems to look right. I think it adds a bit of a preppy vibe to an outfit that is otherwise veering on slightly tacky (big up pleather skirts and holographic shoes)! 



The lyric is from a song I've been addicted to at the moment, called 'Real' by Years and Years. I recently watched the film 'God Help the Girl', written and directed by Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, and immediately fell in love with all of the three main characters (the film is an indie-pop musical and is beautiful - I recommend it 100% even if, like myself, you're a little less keen on musicals). A little research into the film's actors led me to Years and Years, fronted by God Help The Girl's Olly Alexander (who you may also recognise from The Riot Club/Skins/Great Expectations). The band describe their work as music that you can dance and cry to at the same time, which feels completely accurate! Olly's vocals are a perfect pop/soul combination, and I want nothing more than to see these guys live. Their songs also have that perfect mix of being great as heavily electronic dance music, yet also being crazily beautiful when stripped back. And as always, a moment of appreciation for Olly Alexander's face please. You are very, very welcome.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

all i need is a substitute, maybe in the dark she'll look enough like you

top: urban outfitters // skirt: urban outfitters // cardigan: gap kids (boys section) // boots: doc martens // socks: nike // chain necklace: primark // bug necklace: jewelsy // wristband: fitbit // earrings: jewelsy //  mini skirt (under mesh): h&m

~ Outfit from family meal out last week ~
This top I got for Christmas from my parents, after eyeing it up in the shop for a good month and a half. I love polo/roll necks at the minute, but they don't tend to suit me - I like this as a high-necked alternative. This cardi was a proud find- £8 down from £30 in the GAP Kids boy's sale section, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. At the moment I've tended to be drawn to lots of layers (the boxier and baggier the better), and this is now possibly the warmest thing I own, which is always a bonus!

I was going to wait until the weekend to post about this but I have no patience or will power, so guys THE VACCINES WERE INSANE. Lydia and I headed down straight after college, managing to get spaces at the barrier, right in the middle. The Concorde 2 is one of my all time favourite places to see music (the sound is hella good and it's the perfect size) and seeing them in such an intimate venue made the £50 a ticket we paid (!!!) worth it, 10000 times over. They played a good few new songs (all great), but the highlights of their set for me were definitely Wetsuit and Norgaard, two of my favourite songs - if you're yet to be acquainted with the Vaccines, I recommend having a listen to them both to start you off!  

As those of you that follow me on Instagram will know all too well by now, I was also lucky enough to meet the band before hand - we'd been watching Arni and Pete soundcheck for a while, trying and failing to keep our cool, only then to walk past them smoking outside. I did a complete double take  (I didn't expect to see them so made eye contact, panicked and walked back around the corner to recover before saying anything, trying to get my shit together to speak to them), but they were lovely despite how obviously in awe I was of the whole situation.
(I'd post a picture but it turned out a tad vile so I'll save your eyes!!)

Justin and Freddie then arrived, and despite being really late for sound check they waited and took photos with us. I hugged Freddie (!!!!!!!!!) and just about died (he's stupidly beautiful and the sweetest person. I was going to try and pretend I was all cool about the situation, but for someone who's tumblr URL was his name for over a year and who's most prized possession is his used guitar pick, I of course failed miserably).

Basically, I am forever in awe of these guys, and they lived up to expectations completely. I was one emotional mess of a girl (who am I kidding, I still am), and forgive me for such a self indulgent, fangirling post, but the Vaccines make me feel all the feelings and I couldn't not write this without it turning into some kind of word vomit, because ~favourite band~. 

The title is a lyric from Maybe in the Dark by the Crookes (I thought a Vaccines song might be overdoing it), which is another of my all time favourites and again, definitely worth listening to. Their very blunt lyrics remind me of Post Break Up Sex by the Vaccines, and they have a pretty similar indie-rock sound to them.

Before I lose the little dignity I have left, I'm going to call it a night... Have a good week x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

faithful words emblazoned on your sweater

sweater: vintage // jeans - monki // necklace - primark // watch - casio // boots - dr martens // socks - nike  // earrings - jewelsy

I saw these jeans in on sale a little while back, and fell in love. Printed trousers are never something I've really dabbled in before, and their seeming ability to clash with nearly everything else I own has tended to put me off wearing them over the years, but I am a cat lady through and through so could not resist these beauties! They've been featuring heavily in my college wardrobe recently, and so at only £12 down from (roughly) £35, it's safe to say that I've been getting my money's worth.

This sweater is my go-to in bad weather, as its oversized fit makes it crazily comfy. My dad is half Australian, and my parents bought this when they lived over there. I'm yet to fly over and visit (fingers crossed for the next few years), but it feels nice to rep that 1/4 of my nationality/heritage when wearing it.

This title is a lyric from a Little Comets song, Jennifer, which, like all of their music, is insanely catchy. The band write guitar led indie-pop, and Cait and I have literally spent hours of our lives marvelling over their lyrics - how they manage to fit such complex and obscure words into their music so effortlessly without a trace of sounding even vaguely pretentious is beyond us!

And FINALLY...I don't know if any of you remember me writing in December 2013 about my far too intense love for the Vaccines, but to cut a long and  emotionally draining story short, I had a ticket to see them live at a Christmas gig that was being held by XFM, only for my parents to decided the night before that I couldn't go for ~safety~ reasons. (The night before!!!!! I cried three nights in a row woops). The Vaccines then of course disappeared off the face of the Earth for a year, taking a touring break. Last week, however, my dad surprised me with tickets to their sold out comeback Brighton show at the Concorde 2 (only a few hundred capacity say what)! I was over the moooon and have felt physically sick for the past 48 hours at the prospect of Lydia and I seeing them in such a small venue... Needless to say, next week's post will probably contain a five page ode to Freddie Cowan, so do keep your eyes peeled.

 On that note, have a good week, and here's hoping that I don't  die of over excitement in the next 24 hours!! Much love xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

i wanna pretend that jenny lee lindberg is my girlfriend

t-shirt: gap // mesh skirt: urban outfitters // bodycon skirt (worn under mesh): h&m // boots: doc marten // belt: new look // chain necklace: primark // bug necklace: jewelsy // watch: casio // bag: new look

Today's outfit featured one of my new favourite items of clothing (another sale find, of course) - this mesh, pleated midi skirt from Urban Outfitters. Usually I steer right away from anything midi length as it doesn't really do my already short height any favours, but with this I forced myself to step a little out of my comfort zone. I think the fact that it's sheer makes it much more flattering on my shorter self, and I love the look of so many different layers. The belt I picked up in the New Look sale recently for a pound (!!!), and the necklace is also a recent purchase.

Having a part time job means that Saturdays are now usually taken up by frantic college work to try and make up for lost time during the week, but for once I had the weekend work-free and so allowed myself the luxury of a little day trip. Lydia and I made the trek into town ready for the beginning of a sale at one of our favourite Brighton record shops, Resident, and I picked up a good few reduced albums that I'd been meaning to get for a while, as well as a few birthday presents for people. One of my new years resolutions is too try and buy more physical CDs - as much as I think Spotify is the best thing ever, it feels good to properly support the musicians a little more, as well as in this case local businesses. (WOW I sound so self righteous!!)

Tribes - Wish to Scream I discovered these guys a week before they broke up (worst timing ever) Their music is indie rock and very anthemic - they're now my dad and I's number one choice for car sing a longs. 'Dancehall' and 'Sons and Daughters' are good ones to listen to as an introduction to the band!

Swim Deep - Where The Heaven Are We I've been a Swim Deep fan for a good while now, yet until today I was yet to actually own any of their music. This album is super chilled, and listening to it send me right back to the summer when I was lucky enough to see them play at a festival - they were incredible and singing along to King City  ('with the sun on my back it's a nice day') in a crowd full of other adoring teenagers at late afternoon in the middle of nowhere was a perfect moment. (So clichéd wow) (Also a friendly reminder of my drunken encounter with them later that evening, which consisted of a rather enthusiastic group hug on my behalf with Austin, Zach and a scared looking Cav as my less willing participants.. a happy memory for all involved??)

Nirvana - Nevermind I've been getting into Nirvana quite a bit recently, and my first proper purchase of their music felt very ceremonious - a bit of a right of passage, I guess? Anyway, singing along to this album at the top of my voice is getting me through my mood swings at the moment.

Darwin Deez - Songs for Imaginative People I'm less into this album - I bought it on whim as I'm a big fan of his song Radar Detector, and the CD was reduced to £1.99. I'm enjoying it, but I find his songs a bit repetitive at times!

We hadn't really thought about what to do after we'd tackled the sale but we ended up spending the morning hunting around health food shops (without buying anything), unhealthy food shops (hello, chocolate spread), eating way too much fast food and having a good look around Brighton museum. I've been visiting it since I was a toddler and and so the displays are all getting extremely familiar, but it's still nice to visit every now and then.We also spent rather too long in Waterstones, which I'm majorly falling back in love with - another of my new years resolution is to read more, and so I seem to be spending my life at the moment in this place, adding to my already too long 'to read' list.

Other than catching up on work  and room tidying, the rest of my weekend is going to be rather uneventful. I've just got Netflix, so have been binge watching everything imaginable (today's choice was Whip It, which is one of my favourite films and forever makes me want to take up roller derby) and eating potato waffles by the dozen... And on that note, have a nice week guys!! Lots of love xoxox

** Title from King City by Swim Deep **
Also big up to Lydia for the photos!