Thursday, 12 March 2015

when i'm feeling spaced out, my sunshine comes out, you just don't know what i mean

fur collar: boohoo // tennis skirt: ebay // crop top: missguided // boots: doc martens // watch: casio // earrings: vintage // necklace: new look // ring: vintage

This fur collar, on the days that I've been feeling a tad under the weather / unmotivated / generally just a bit 'meh', has proved to be quite the saviour. Scientific experiments conducted by Cait and I can confirm that this is a wardrobe piece that, upon wearing, instantly makes you feel like the kinda gal that has her shit together. For my flaky self, being able to feel this is a miracle! Admittedly to the untrained eye I probably look like a bit of an idiot flouncing around college wearing this, but I'm a fan anyway.

As the regular This is From Matilda readers among you will know, I'm more of an head-to-toe black kinda dresser, and so ordering this tennis skirt was a big deal for me! Some of you may recognize it from a VERY misleading instagram picture - filters made it look pink, and far, far nicer than it actually is! I was told twice when wearing this that I looked like a daffodil which maaaybe shouldn't be a good thing, but I'm surprisingly liking it. Who knew that colour could be a good thing?! I ordered it for £3.99 + shipping, which I thought was pretty damn good in comparison to American Apparel's crazy prices. What took me by surprise though was that when it arrived, it's the REAL AA DEAL, labels and packaging still intact?! Maybe I'm just being naive but I either just got sold a £4 American Apparel skirt or as good a fake as you'd get - either way, I'm happy. It also matches the stitching in my Docs to perfection! (It's the little things in life...)

On a slightly less cheerful note though, oh my god guys this skirt is so short!!! By lunchtime I had flashed an old woman who looked disapproving to say the least, and walked halfway up a hill displaying EVERYTHING in the wind, as I had my hands full and couldn't hold my skirt down. The things I do??!!


Caitlin was very kindly my photographer for these, and as I loooved what she was wearing, I figured it was high time we got her back on the old blog, after a good while's absence.

denim jacket: gap (men's) // boots: doc martens // skirt: urban outfitters // necklace: posh totty // lipstick: no7 in 'grace' // jumper: gap

Caitlin is my 90s grunge icon at the moment - she styles polo necks to perfection, and I'm a big fan of boxy denim jackets. The necklace is from a lovely Brighton jewelry shop, which is full of the most beautiful personalized jewelry. I'm also 100% digging the sixties vibes of her a-line, gingham skirt. 

On another note, this week has been insanely busy - after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, I'm finally moving house at the weekend! As most of you know, my parents are just finalizing their divorce, and this weekend we all move out of our family home: from next week onwards I'll be dividing my time between my dad's Brighton house and my mum's house in a village a little way out. It'll be weird to start off with, but I'm looking forward to the change, and to be living so close to college... my hour long waits for buses home will be no more! I've been collecting bits and bobs to decorate my new rooms for a good while now, so I'll hopefully have a bit of a room tour up soon. 

The title is a lyric from one of my all-time favourite songs: Dana Gillespie's version of 'You Just Gotta Know My Mind'. I've spent way too much of my life having lone dance parties to Gillespie's earlier music - it's 60's, bluesy pop, and as sassy as can be. She's since released many a blues album: her 1990's songs 'A Lotta What You Got' and 'Snatch and Grab It' are also gems, and never fail to cheer me up when things are a bit bleugh - godsends.