Thursday, 30 April 2015

i'll just read a book instead, i don't care if we're just friends

polo neck - gap // necklace - vintage // bomber jacket - h&m // trousers - boohoo // watch - casio // boots - doc martens
**shout out to the space hopper hiding in our shed**

This outfit is a bit of a 'Mattie looks gross in photos but feels badass so oh well' situation, and features one of my all time favourite items of clothing, this cheetah-print bomber jacket from H&M. If you're someone I know irl you might recognise it - it's been surgically attached to me in the past month or so! I'm a complete and utter cat lady and so am in love with this print, and for £15 down from £40 in the sale it was a happy find. I've a soft spot for clashing prints, and so this is a favourite combination of mine - I will say though that it's a little less offensive to look at in real life! These trousers, though intensely unflattering, I've also been enjoying wearing recently - I've been after something in this AA inspired grid print for a good while, and I like them paired with a band t-shirt and fur collar. 


The title is a lyric from 'Do-Wah-Doo', by one of my all-time favourite ladies in music, Kate Nash. I fell in love with her piano led, poppy and lyrically tongue-in-cheek debut album 'Made of Bricks' way back in 2007, and her progression into a more angsty, riot grrrl/garage sound over the past few years has conveniently grown with my own tastes & only made me love her more. Kate is also the mind behind the LA-based community Girl Gang, who post videos online as Girl Gang TV. Started up as a weekly meeting for like-minded woman hosted in her garage, Girl Gang, as Kate says, is for 'cool people that wanna make cool shit and change the world'. I think that pretty much sums her up - I'm basically just a big fan of her music and mindset, and would 100% recommend having a listen.

I've not really anything else of any interest to say - the past week has been a bit of an 'oh sh*t my final exams are in two weeks' blur, and my caffeine intake has trebled in a panic to memorize a year's worth of work in the few hours I have between eating/sleeping/college/work - and on that note, I have an English essay to write for first period tomorrow morning!! I hope you're all well and coping if you're also reaching exam season!!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

you're simpatico, & of all the lifts home & all the mixed feelings

sweater: pull and bear // necklace: vintage // shirt: gap // jeans: east end thrift store // socks: topshop // shoes: truffle @ asos // earrings: claire's accessories // ring: h&m
Very recently I've been really drawn to more androgynous shapes: rolled up, boxy trousers and well cut shirts, with chunky shoes. I feel like there's something a quite empowering about wearing such shapeless or less conventionally 'feminine' pieces: I like the maybe-i-care, maybe-i-don't kinda vibes they give off, and the change from my usual short skirt tendencies. This outfit was more of a modern, laid back alternative to what could be quite a crisp look - I like the 90s touches the printed sweater and teal shirt give. I found this sweatshirt in Pull and Bear, and fell in love - the intricate illustrations I think are quite unusual on a traditionally sporty piece, which I'm a fan of.

Long time no see! This month has been the busiest in a long while; as well as having to move house twice (#divorcelife) and get used to splitting my time between my parents, the run up to exams has started and I am freeeaking. I've also recently finalised my courses for next year - I'm dropping Sociology and continuing English Literature, Modern History and Politics, as well as picking up a new, non-qualification Current Affairs course. It's all a little daunting and the stress of having our exams less than a month away is beginning to kick's safe to say that my social life in the next month or so is going to be less than flourishing!!

The title is a lyric from Kathleen by Catfish and the Bottlemen. I have stacks of love for these guys - they actually played the festival I worked at last summer but as I hadn't yet heard of them I MISSED THEIR SET. They've quickly become one of my favourite bands, and so I'm eternally furious with July-2014 Mattie for missing them. The same happened that weekend with Circa Waves and Peace - this year I'm determined not to let it happen again, so there'll no doubt be a fair amount of line-up research! Their debut album is one I've had on repeat for months, and there is not a dud song in sight. A description of mine is not going to do them justice, so I reckon y'all should just have a listen, if you haven't already. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

On one final note, you guys I saw the babes that are the Vaccines again on Easter Sunday!! We managed to get barrier again and I swear to god they make me happy like nothing else. Freddie came to the barrier a couple of times and played whilst Lyds and I hugged him, until security took him was a good night, a good night. I have so much love for them.

Hope you had a good Easter!! xoxox