Wednesday, 24 June 2015

dance to stevie wonder, my broken hearted teenage brother

shirt: to be worn again (thrifted) // skirt: h&m // mesh tee: gap // crop top (under mesh tee): h&m // boots: river island // tote bag: ella masters studio // necklace: vintage // watch: casio //
(Apologies for the terrible camera quality, Blogger is being difficult <////3 )
The weather in England is infuriatingly unpredictable, and living near the sea means that even the sunniest of days can turn windy & cold in a matter of minutes. Outfit-wise, for these reasons in the past couple of weeks I've gravitated towards lots of light layers, with this GAP mesh jumper over crop tops being the favourite! The plaid shirt has always & will always be my spring/summer go-to cover up also.
This bag is from the lovely Ella's store - I'd been reading her blog and loving her illustrations for years before I finally caved in and ordered some of her work a few weeks ago! I love being able to wear her art & 'the future holds great things' is a sweet 'lil thing to read every few hours. 
The title is a lyric from 'Weekends' by The Jacques - hailing from Bristol & recently signing to Gary Powell's label, 25 Hour Convenience Store, I discovered these guys during a late night Spotify trawl (that 'discover' page can be a godsend) & instantly fell in love. Their sound is very reminiscent of the Libertines (signing with their very own Powell was always going to kick-start comparisons) & is definitely worth a listen to.
On another note, hey exams are over!! I hope that any of you that sat exams survived & are feeling good about things. I think mine went okay but at this point I'm a little unsure as to what my 'okay' even is - I don't have the faintest idea as to what will be in my envelope on results day! I've been trying not to dwell on it all too much but as college has got us drafting our personal statements for university applications, it's not the easiest to ignore. I've actually got my first university open day this Saturday - I'll be heading up to Newcastle, which I'm excited about! As well as looking around the Uni itself, I really want to get a feel for the rest of the city too, so if you know the area then I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations, food/sightseeing-wise.
 These photos were taken after seeing the beyond lovely Mia of Teenage Beauty Blog, who I finally got to meet last weekend! I'd never actually met any blogging/internet friends irl before, and so meeting Mia came with a nice moment of reassurance & realisation that you are all!! real!! people!! & just as lovely in person. I think part of me has always been a little nervous to meet blogging friends in real life, as so many of you I count as genuinely close friends & moving that friendship face to face is scary, you know?? This summer though I'm determined to meet as many of you as possible, so HEY if you're ever in Brighton/Sussex & want a tour guide/shopping partner/coffee companion then hit me up & lets make it happen!
And finally, for those of you that don't follow me on twitter/instagram etc, I cut & dyed my hair red/purple ay! This is actually a good few weeks into being dyed so it was originally a lot darker/brighter than this & it's already in need of a trim, but yeah. That's a thing.