Thursday, 30 July 2015

all my shoes have holes in the soles, live my life in second hand clothes

cardigan: urban outfitters // mesh tee: pull and bear // crop top (under mesh): h&m // shorts: new look // bum bag: ebay // boots: doc martens //  necklace: vintage // hat: urban outfitters

This outfit is from a recent day trip up to London's Covent Garden to fiiinally meet the lovely Lexi of the blog Lexi Likes! Lexi and I have been internet friends for a good year & half now but until our London mooch had never actually met face to face; it was incredibly weird to meet someone for the very first time already classing them as such a good friend! Lexi is a gem of a person and (even friendship aside) is one of my favourite style bloggers - you can give find her blog here and her YouTube here

This cardigan was a happy £10 Urban Outfitters sale find and I love it to pieces (sadly, i  mean this literally - it's covered in holes nowadays) - it's beautifully cut at the front & I think adds a nice bit of ~drama~ to otherwise simple outfits like this one. These photos were taken the day after Truck Festival, which I worked at with some friends, hence the bum bag! I bought it solely for festival use but have accidentally become way too attached to it - it's so. useful. to just have everything I need literally attached to me, and has stopped me losing everything so often. 

((Also, big up to my local Doc Martens store who kitted me out with a free new pair of Docs after my beloved first pair annoyingly broke a year in. It's nice to have a big brand who still look after their customers! Also, topical title amirite, thank you Ratboy)) 

The past few weeks haven't reeeally felt quite like summer yet - I've been working non-stop & aside from a few days away at Truck (which were anything but restful) haven't really had any chill time yet. I've realized recently though that I'm a lot happier when busy - without any structure to my day I often lack the motivation to do anything. Truck was amazing though (I won't post most of my pictures as they have people that I can't contact for permission in haha) but I met so many lovely people, saw some amazing bands and had an all round great time.

 Some highlights were Slavesthe Wytches and Ratboy, but there wasn't a single bad set! We also managed to catch FEVER, Basement Jaxx, the Charlatans, Pulled Apart by Horses, Demob Happy, Raleigh Ritchie, Jaws, the Magic Gang, Saint Raymond, Nothing But Thieves, Darwin Deez & Dog Is Dead, all of whom are 1000 times worth a listen to.
RATBOY (title is a lyric from his song 'Sign On' which is punky bratty hip hop & so good)
BLOODY KNEES (in the queue for curry, super casual ahah)
THE MAGIC GANG (some of the loveliest humans ever, and also a Brighton band)
NOTING BUT THIEVES & SUNSET SONS (also the loveliest humans ever.)
 That is about it from me - hope you all are having lovely summers if it's also that time of year for you (though it doesn't feel like it in the UK, hence all the tights & layers in my Truck photos...)! I'm off to Boardmasters festival next week so may be absent again for a little while but yas have a good one folks, lots of love x x x x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

don't waste away, the feelings that we have remain / it tastes the same, daffodil days

crop top: h&m // shirt: to be worn again (thrifted) // shorts: new look // boots: river island // sunglasses: new look // watch: casio // necklace: vintage

It has been SO. HOT. in Brighton recently, and so I've pretty much been wearing variations of this outfit and nothing else...Tights included. It takes some extreme weather to make me part with them! These shorts are the comfiest thing to ever exist, and the shirt has been a lifesaver in this sunny weather - I usually wear it as a light 'lil cover-up like this or just buttoned up as a dress for when I'm feeling lazy (which is most days).

Lately I've actually been pretty busy - last weekend my mum and I took the train up to Newcastle for a Uni open day, which was amazing. I fell in love with the course and campus there - I'm planning on doing Politics and Sociology joint honours - and it's filled me with motivation to work my butt off for next year. All the Universities that I really like the look of - Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle etc - typically require preeetty high grades, so expect to see literally none of me for the next academic year!

 I've also been working a good bit. I don't think I've ever properly talked about my jobs on here, but I work at a baby clothes shop in town which I love, and then I also do volunteer work at a Brighton based music studios & radio station with the babe that is Caitlin. Usually I work once a week there but I did a few shifts last week - covering for people who were at Glastonbury, of course *sighs* -& it made me realize how lucky I am to have somewhere/something so different and interesting compared to the rest of me life (college etc). I've been working there for 7ish months now and have met the loveliest, most eclectic group of people (a good few of whom are like a second family to Cait and I) and have had both the best and strangest experiences. We stumbled across this place after a quick google of voluntary jobs in our area & SO NEARLY didn't get in touch - even after our first visit we very nearly didn't come back as we felt so out of our depth, but I am forever glad that we did. What I'm trying to get at in this emosh lil rant is that if you are reading this, I urge you to go and put yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new as you never know what will come of it :)))) (cute)

I'll leave you on that happy note, hope you all have a killer week and survive in this insane heat if you're in the UK (lol it's not even that hot on a real world scale, I'm just used to living in an ice cube) xxxxx

**title is a lyric from 'Daffodil Days' by the king of summery, low-fi bedroom pop jams, Oscar . the video is also a beauty! **